If I ever get so jaded I can't have fun on a little ski hill. I'm going to give up skiing. I hope, for your sake, that you feel the same way.

Now don't get me wrong. I purely love the biggest and burliest mountains that New England, New York and Quebec can offer. There's something soul-satisfying about a non-stop, breath-taking, thigh-burning top-to-bottom run at Stowe (www.stowe.com), Sugarbush (802-583-6300; www.sugarbush.com) or Mad River Glen (802-496-3551; www.madriverglen.com) in Vermont; or Whiteface (www.whiteface.com ) in New York; or Mont Orford (1-866-673-6731; www.orford.com) in Quebec.

I'm glad they are all within an easy day's drive of me. But they are all farther away and a lot more expensive to ski than some little local hills.

On Saturday, my sweetheart Marilyn and I, along with our friends David and Susan Shedd skied Granite Gorge (603-358-5000; www.granitegorge.com ) in Roxbury, N.H. It was a cold day, some weather forecasters were blathering about "dangerous cold;" we laughed, dressed warm, went skiing and had a ball.

Granite Gorge was once a "lost" ski area. It operated as Pinacle Mountain (