Well, Bill knows. Clinton is scheduled to be one of Wednesday's top speakers at the Democratic National Convention, but no one has any idea what he's going to say. He hasn't submitted his speech for the usual vetting process yet, and some people are getting a touch nervous. 

Buzzfeed's Ben Smith reports that Clinton hasn't handed in his speech yet, leaving a tight window for officials to go over it. The limited window is, "provoking a mild and growing dose of nerves among senior Democrats," according to Smith's source. There are no worries he's going to talk to a chair like Clint, whose speech also wasn't vetted, but "that any private strategic differences might play out in public." As The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza described this week, the two men don't always see eye-to-eye. 

But what is it with politicians not having their speechs written in advance lately? Mitt was also slow to finish his convention speech. He told Hugh Hewitt less than a week before the convention that he still hadn't finished writing his speech. In the end, reviews of his speech were mixed. 

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