May 23-27


Sandy S. Spring and Wells Fargo Bank NA, Trustee, sold property at 27 Enterprise St., Adams, to US Bank NA Tr, $111,300.

Beverly L. Dubis Trust and Bradley D. Dubis sold property at 2 Mountain View Drive, Adams, to LA&P A Clairmont FT and L.A. Clairmont, $175,000.


Ann Marie Genco, Trustee of the Ann Marie Genco Revocable Trust of 2011, sold property at 128 Green River Valley Road, Alford, to Damien Flores and Susannah Miskell, $270,000.


Frauke Seefeldt-Argyros sold property at 49 Lady Lucille Lane, Becket, to Michael E. and Marie T. Fregeau, $270,100.

Theodore L. Zachs, Trustee of the Theodore L. Zachs 2006 Revocable Trust, sold property at 7 Sioux Road, Becket, to Robert G. Gemmell and Fern E. Bassow, $325,000.

Raymond J. Dorazio sold property at Captain Whitney Road, Becket, to Scott A. Harrison and Robin A. Heller-Harrison, $28,000.


Kurt B. and Joey A. Collins sold property at 219 Cross Road, Clarksburg, to Matthew D. Thompson, $256,000.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Nancy R. Salvatore sold property at 121-123 Warren Ave., Dalton, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $92,792.48.

Timothy C. Hiett, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Marion Gertrude Hiett, sold property at 29 Edward Ave., Dalton, to Amy L. Porio and Dennis J. Fletcher Jr., $175,000.



Rena Orner, Trustee of the Rena Orner Revocable Trust — 2007, sold property at 18 McGee Road, Egremont, to Freddie L. McAllister and Mary Jean McAllister, $382,066.

Great Barrington

Leslie J. Marcus sold property at 20 Lewis Ave., Units B,C & D, Great Barrington, to Krol and Nazarov Realty LLC, $300,000.

Michael Anthony Allison Thieriot sold property at 38 Silver St., Great Barrington, to Pamela Jane Pescosolido, $318,500.

Nancy Ann Banach and John Francis Sogoski sold property at 23 Gilmore Ave., Great Barrington, to Stephan O. Parnes and Zelda S. Parnes, $230,000.


Elizabeth J. Clark and Regina M. Fitzpatrick sold property at 2569 Hancock Road, Hancock, to Regina M. Fitzpatrick, $15,000.


Sherrie Ellsworth f/k/a Sherrie D. Sprague and Philip W. Wicker sold property at 40 Old Windsor Road, Hinsdale, to Nicholas A. Roy and Heather L. Marshall, $129,000.


FNMA sold property at 10 Church St., Lanesborough, to Chad Nardin, $110,000.

Gary F. Ducharme and Greylock FCU sold property at 19 North Main St., Lanesborough, to FNMA, $81,428.

Donald P. and Helen R. Bienvenue sold property at 15 Olsen Road, Lanesborough, to Jessica Harvey, $229,900.


Neil D. Kochen sold property at 175 Leisure Lee Road, Lee, to David and Minna Ellison, $197,500.

Sheldon N. Epstein sold property at 62 Stockbridge Terrace, Unit 3A, Lee, to Thomas R. and Leslie Ganz Manisero, $850,000.


Sarah W. Schuler sold property at 113-115 Walker St., Unit 6, Lenox, to Joseph and Jane Kavanau, $165,000.

Mount Washington

Richard C. Alterman, Trustee of the Richard C. Alterman Revocable Trust Dated June 16, 1997, sold property at 3 Mountain Road f/k/a 79 East St., Mount Washington, to Randy A. White, Trustee of the Randy A. White Trust, $800,000.

New Marlborough

TSJ Family Limited Partnership sold property at 72 Lakeside Road, New Marlborough, to Edward Ross Story and Helen L. Story, $385,000.

North Adams

David C. Atwell sold property at 19 Church St., Unit 8, North Adams, to Francis B. and Joyce M. Abuisi, $42,000.

Mary K. Eade sold property at 52 East Quincy St., North Adams, to Raymond A. Mucci, $145,000.

Wayne and Christy H. Arnold sold property at 38 Gallup St., North Adams, to Casey A. and Susan A. Macksey, $65,000.

Richard B. Johansen sold property at 812 Mohawk Trail, North Adams, to Lisa Mendel and Teresa Prezioso, $40,250.

Norman N. Perenick LT and Charles H. Perenick sold property at 19 Notch Road, North Adams, to Peter Mason, $135,000.

A&S RT and Amy Shapiro sold property at 40 River St., North Adams, to Tributary Ventures LLC, $30,000.

Matthew Hovagimian sold property at 183 State St., North Adams, to Allyson M. and Paul J. Lavigne, $41,000.

Greylock FCU sold property at 47 Whitman St., North Adams, to Robert E. Giardini, $20,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 87 North St., Otis, to James Troiano, $54,000.


Tracie M. Melendez and Joyce W. MacKinnon sold property at 28 Eleanor Road, Pittsfield, to Katherine Langer, $227,000.

General Electric Company sold property at 15 Longfellow Ave., Pittsfield, to Brendon C. Cowdrey, $130,500.

Stanley T. Serafin Jr. sold property at 26 Alcove St., Pittsfield, to Andrea R. Jones, $88,500.

David P. Scipione sold property at 64 Kittredge Road, Pittsfield, to Donald P. and Helen R. Bienvenue, $155,400.

Thomas E. and Anne T. Grady sold property at 55 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, to Steven B. Wood Jr., $159,900.

Eric H., Dawn C., Matthew E. Pachulski sold property at 58 New York Ave., Pittsfield, to Tyler B. Gajewski and Hailey Griewisch, $150,000.

Sandra J. Walters and Laura W. Keenan sold property at 329 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Gilberto Hernandez and Christine E. Cordova, $145,000.

Justice D. Carey sold property at 427 Lebanon Ave., Pittsfield, to Adalberto Mercado, $235,000.

James R. DiGrigoli sold property at 47 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to Kelvin Espinoza, $126,750.

Frederick A. and Jeffrey A. Lantz sold property at 25 Unkamet Park Drive, Pittsfield, to Joseph D. and Irene M. Collias, $179,000.

Eugene H. Heyman and Suzanne P. Berch, Trustees of Suzanne P. Berch Nominee Trust, sold property at 92 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield, to Joshua M. Cutler and Jessica L. Passetto, $158,000.


Joan and Edward C. Marko sold property at Brown Road, Savoy, to Bruce A. and Christine L. Voight, $31,250.

Gary M. and Denise Clements sold property at Lot 4, New State Road, Savoy, to Stephanie Burton-Harris, $21,500.


David S. Rosenthal sold property at 2 Valentine Lane, Stockbridge, to Alison Baker and Robert Podgursky, $395,000.

Carol P. Come, Trustee of the Housatonnick Road Realty Trust, sold property at 14 Housatonnick Road, Stockbridge, to Vytas Baksys and Sandra Nortier, $165,000.

Alexander and Charlene M. Sedgwick sold property at 20 Main St., Stockbridge, to Terry and Susan Moor, Trustees of the Moor Realty Trust, $500,000.


Michael Doyle sold property at 170 Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, to Ashley and Patrick O'Connor, $260,000.

Catherine L. Burke and Elizabeth L. Hughes sold property at 274 Hopper Road, Williamstown, to Kathleen M. Ritchie and T.F. Oxborough-Powell, $490,000.

91 Main Street NT and Steven V. Grande sold property at 91 Main St., Williamstown, to Bradford L. Mason, $162,500.

O'Connell Oil Associates sold property at 259 Main St., Williamstown, to 259 Main St. MA LLC, $291,500.


Rochelle F. Bernier sold property at 1790 Route 9, Windsor, to Laurie J. Shea, $135,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.