2013-14 All-Eagle Boys Nordic Team


Will Nolan

Junior, Mount Greylock

Will started with a bang and didn't let up throughout the season. He won three of five league races and was the highest-scoring Berkshire County skier at the state championships with his fourth-place finish.

The coach's take: He's very athletic-orientated. ... He's very talented, and he's very determined. ... He's an all-around athlete.

-- Hiram Greene,
Greylock coach

Ian Culnane

Sophomore, Mount Greylock

Ian had the fourth-best scoring average during the regular season in his first year on varsity. His year was highlighted by a second-place result in the season opener. He had three top-five finishes.

The coach's take: Deter mination. He's just a highly-motivated kid. He wants to get better, and he works at it. He improved a lot this year, and he's going to be a big factor next year.

-- Greene

Jake Foehl

Junior, Mount Greylock

Jake was one of the more consistent performers, never finishing worse than seventh, which includes his fifth-place result (second-best of county skiers) at the state meet. He had five top-fives and won the second race of the season.

The coach's take: He was a key last year, and of course, he continued that this year. We're going to get one more year out of him. ... He works very, very hard to maintain his status. He knows he's an important ingredient in the success of our team, and he works at it. ... He's what coaches dream about.

-- Greene

Matt Wiseman

Sophomore, Mount Greylock

Matt had the second-lowest scoring average throughout the regular season in large part because four consecutive third-place results to close out the regular season. His sixth-place finish in the season opener was matched at the state meet, which was the third-highest of an Berkshire County skier.

The coach's take: He's just improving as he goes along. He's very talented, very dedicated, and he works hard. Matt has really come a long way.

He was on the varsity team last year, and he did very well. We knew he was going to be a big factor this year, and he is. We're not finished with him yet either.

-- Greene

Jake Kobrin

Junior, Mount Greylock

Jake had an up-and-down regular season, which included a pair of top-10 finishes, the better of which was a fourth-place result. The highlight of his season, though, was the state meet. He was Greylock's fourth scoring skier with a 10th-place finish.

The coach's take: He just works so hard that even though he still has some technical work to do with his skiing, he did a wonderful job. He opened up at the state race, which is really, really great and that's because of determination, not necessarily skiing ability. ... We were more than excited when he showed up as the fourth skier at states.

-- Greene

Derek Wood

Senior, Mount Greylock

Derek completed a six-year career skiing with Greylock with another solid season. He was a consistent performer in 2013-14, racking up a fifth-place result and three other top-10s before placing 17th at the state meet.

The coach's take: He's probably spent more time on his skis than the rest of the whole team together. He's the kind of kid that when the race is over, he doesn't go inside, sit down and cocoa. He puts his skis back on and goes out and goes skiing. We've honored him almost every year since he's been on the team because of this incredible dedication that he has to his sport."

-- Greene

Curran Doyle

Senior, Wahconah

In his fourth and final season skiing for the Warriors, Doyle made the most of his season with four top-10 finishes in five league races and the best states finish Wahconah has seen in at least four years (12th).

The coach's take: He definitely wanted this year to be his best. He wanted to go out with a bang. It was really tough this year in the league; there was a lot of competition, but I think that just added fuel to his fire. ... He definitely progressed as the year went on. Early on, you're kind of feeling it out, you're kind of figuring out who's going to be our top this year, who are your competitors. But once he was able to kind of settle in, he kind of found his little niche, and he kept moving up from there.

-- Kiersten Touponce, Wahconah coach


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