2013 All-Eagle Girls Soccer Team


Megan Richardson (GK)

Junior, Hoosac Valley

"She's the kind of keeper that comes along once in a coaches lifetime. She's just a brilliant, confident keeper.

"She was just huge in our success. We would not have had the season we did without Meg in goal.

"She's technically sound because she eats, breathes and sleeps keeper.

"She reads the attacker's body position, hip, body language. It's her athleticism -- strong, agile -- and it's all from her training. When the shot's taken, she knows where its going and she can get to it."

-- Blair Mahar, Hoosac coach

Jenn Gale (D)

Senior, Hoosac Valley

"Jenn was just the leader on and off the field. On the field, wherever I put Jenn, she could play that position. I could throw her up front and she'd do some amazing things.

"Her leadership on the field compliments nicely with her leadership off the field.

"The brilliance at stopper is she does a great job taking the ball out of the midfield, then she would go forward on the attack with Meg [Rodowicz], with McKenzie Robinson.

"She just had the brilliance, had the offensive mind to make plays happen, be apart of the play or score goals for us."

-- Blair Mahar, Hoosac coach

Meghan Driscoll (D)

Senior, Pittsfield

"She's a very strong presence in the back, very physical.

"She was very good with angles, sizing up a player. She knew how to cut your angles off. ... She knows when to go in strong and when not to go in strong.

"It's nice to have that size on corner kicks to be able to head the ball out."

-- Andy Waluszko, Pittsfield coach

Morgan Matthews (D)

Senior, Pittsfield

"She payed [stopper] perfectly. She'd push forward too when we wanted her to push forward.

"Morgan was one of the ones that she would mark your best offensive threat. ... She's very skilled, sees everything coming to her. Defensively, she's one of the reasons Allie [Hunt] didn't see a lot of shots this year.

"She focuses once [the opponent] gets possession, and she's quick to get on you so that player doesn't have a lot of time to think or react with the ball."

-- Andy Waluszko, Pittsfield coach

Maddie Sprague (D)

Junior, Wahconah

"She just shuts things down. She sees it coming, knows when and when not to attack. The second she sees an opening to take the ball, she does it.

"The final 10 games, we gave up seven goals, and a great deal of that was her.

"She is very quick. She's not big and rugged, but she's tall and graceful. Defending corner kicks, she was great. She just knocked everything away. She was on it and she was loud about it. She was in charge."

-- Pat West, Wahconah coach

Meg Rodowicz (M)

Senior, Hoosac Valley

"She's basically played every minute of every game since her freshman year as a starting center mid. ... She's the fittest player on the team.

"She has pin-point accuracy with her through balls. Her skill-set was impeccable.

"Meg has this knack for scoring at these weird angles. Deep in attacking third, she would find the angle and put it in the goal.

"With Meg in the middle, moving the ball through our center was really effortless."

-- Blair Mahar, Hoosac coach

Katie Dumas (M)

Junior, Wahconah

"I went to a clinic and they said the person in the middle should be a destroyer general and that pretty much sums her up.

"She knocks things down when they're coming toward her and then starts creating going in the other direction.

"Her biggest quality is her leadership. She just runs the show, and she doesn't allow anyone else to go off the rails. She's one of the best ever at that.

"Her biggest skill is defending, but after gaining control, setting up offense and it happens quickly with her. Her anticipation is strong."

-- Pat West, Wahconah coach

Kara Alfonsi (M)

Senior, Pittsfield

"Once she gets possession, she's very good at knowing where to go next. The next play, she's beyond where she has to go with it. Her soccer knowledge is great.

"Our offense plays the ball wide, and she was quick to play balls wide. She did a great job with that this year. She did a great job playing balls back to defense too."

-- Andy Waluszko, Pittsfield coach

Josie Marshall (M)

Senior, Lenox

"She does a great job of controlling the ball in the middle and finding where to get it off to next.

"But with Josie, it's her vision.

"Everything we accomplished offensively came through her at some point.

"It's hard to explain, but a lot of it is her ability to move off the ball. She puts herself in good position to support her teammates coming out of the back. That speaks to her intelligence for the game even when she doesn't have the ball."

-- Kyle Zinchuk, Lenox coach

Alessandra Arace (F)

Sophomore, Lenox

"Sandra's a player that's dangerous no matter where she is on the field.

"Whether it was her speed up top or creativity in the middle making runs out of the middle, teams definitely had to game plan for her.

"One thing she really developed this year is her creativity in the final third. She worked on getting a shot off when the other team's not expecting it.

"She has a knack for taking the right touch to set herself up. She'll receive a pass and her first touch is always away from the pressure and that puts the defense right away on their heels. They're playing catchup right away."

-- Kyle Zinchuk, Lenox coach

Kelsey Orpin (F)

Junior, Mount Greylock

"The unique thing about Kelsey is her explosiveness. She is very, very quick to start and once she gets going, she can get to the endline in a hurry.

"She can go right, she can go left, and she's deadly accurate with crosses into the box.

"She can separate from defenders very quickly. They can't just pay her right side. She has developed a great left-foot shot.

"I think that's what she's thinking first is creating space and slotting the ball into box. I would say there's no one better at taking it all the way to end line, turning her hips and slotting the ball into box. I think her eight goals and eight assists shows that balance."

-- Tom Ostheimer, Greylock coach

Nicole Alfonsi (F) -- MVP

Senior, Pittsfield

Cori Ghidotti (F)

Senior, Drury

"She's one of the first players to play five years of varsity, and I think having those extra couple years allowed her to grow into a tenacious player, especially in the box. I think she learned early on what she needed to do to compete.

"A lot of her goals came from never giving up and fighting in the box. ... She's just able to create a physical space for herself, and she has such a quick first touch that she was able to let shots fly.

"She's really good at stepping in and using her body to steal the ball. She would stick her foot in there and just keep going and going."

-- Molly Meczywor, Drury coach


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