6 arrested in Pittsfield for allegedly breaking into cars

Sunday January 13, 2013

PITTSFIELD -- Six people were arrested early Saturday morning after allegedly breaking into at least three cars along Strong Avenue in Pittsfield.

A resident called 911 shortly before 4:30 a.m., saying he had seen someone break into his vehicle and four or five others were also around several vehicles on his street.

He then told the dispatcher that one of them was inside his vehicle looking around for what he assumed were valuables.

According to Sgt. Mark Trapani of the Pittsfield Police Department, two unidentified female juveniles and four adult males were taken into custody near the scene.

When police arrived the group scattered on foot, running along the hard-packed snow and ice, jumping over fences and through people’s backyards in an attempt to elude the seven officers that had arrived on scene, Trapani said.

They were all caught and arrested after a short pursuit.

The two Pittsfield juveniles, 23-year-olds Ryan Holsborg, of Dalton, and Derek Knockless, of Pittsfield, and 18-year-olds Devon Gates and Nicholas Mathes, both of Pittsfield, are scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

Police charged all six with three felony counts of nighttime breaking and entering and a single count of misdemeanor disturbing the peace.

As of Saturday, one of the females, as well as Mathes and Holsborg, were still in custody. The others had been released.

Trapani said it’s unclear at this time if any of the six could have been involved in any of the other vehicle break-ins that have occurred in the past two months.

He said the investigation is ongoing and encouraged everyone to be sure to lock their vehicles at night and not to leave anything valuable in plain sight.

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