A Brown vote is vote for extremism

Saturday September 1, 2012

Regarding the Aug. 25 article on Scott Brown’s visit, one reason that I support Elizabeth Warren for the U.S. Senate is that she is not Scott Brown, who enjoys strong tea party support. Brown supports women’s issues -- unless it involves equal pay for equal work. He supports women’s health care -- unless it means access to hormonal birth control methods for poor and middle class women as part of the federal health care law. He supports jobs, jobs, jobs -- except when he, along party lines, votes "nay" to the American Jobs and Economic Growth bill.

Mr. "Regular Guy in a Pick-up Truck" can’t seem to vote enough for tax breaks for the wealthy, while the rest of us chip in to make up the difference. He occupies a chair in the Senate thanks to tea party opposition to a Democrat who sought to continue the work of Senator Kennedy. Mr. Brown received unprecedented out-of-state financial backing by corporations and religious right groups eager to bolster their numbers on the Senate floor. He will continue to have their support as long as he votes along party lines on key issues.

The senator’s personal views are not the issue. It is all about how he chooses to act and how he uses his vote. A vote for Brown is an affirmation of the Republican Party’s women-suppressing, anti-gay, anti-middle class platform.

Having met with the senator twice in Washington, I found him to be much more interested in getting good photo opportunities than he was in listening to constituents’ views on issues before the Senate. Voters can be assured that he will continue to smile for the cameras, but that his votes will not draw the ire of extreme social conservatives.

A vote for Brown takes away a vote from Elizabeth Warren, the person who puts our rights and our will above that of corporations and extreme right wing groups. Elizabeth will act on her convictions to do what is right for Massachusetts, and middle class households across the county. The same cannot be said for the current senator, no matter what he says in front of the cameras.




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