A chickenhawk then and now

Saturday June 16, 2012

The print media has reminded me of late about 1968. I graduated from Mass. College of Art, Boston that year. Mitt Romney had completed his Mormon missionary work in France and returned home that same year. I turned 22 and he turned 21.

Lacking connections I had three choices: get drafted (two years), enlist (four years) or expatriate to Canada. In 1968 the marriage deferment ended and the graduate school one did too. I enlisted in the USAF and ended up fixing jet engines. I spent 101Ž2 months in Thailand and 21Ž2 years at my home base at Pease AFB, N.H. I exited the USAF with a two- month educational "early-out" on Sept. 1, 1972.

Romney did his freshman year in college which ended in 1966. He then went to France for two years doing his Mor mon mission duty. A nice evasive wangle if you can get it. He did. In 1968 he came home, supported the war, and did not get drafted or enlist. I brand him as one who evaded the military and is now (still) a pro-war chickenhawk.

President Obama was 8 years old in 1968. His military service is as commander-in-chief and his judge and jury will be history itself.


Canaan, N.Y.


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