A democracy, not an aristocracy

Friday March 8, 2013

Economic disparity is caused by selfishness, which is the condition when some people have inordinate amounts of money and other forms of wealth, which in no way could they have earned through commensurate physical labor (the sweat of their brow). They have more income and wealth than they need to lead healthy and satisfying lives, which gives them control and power over others who do not have enough income and wealth to lead healthy and satisfying lives.

Those who are suffering from not having enough income to lead healthy and satisfying lives cannot, because of these conditions, develop and muster the abilities to effectively engage in productivity in order to thrive and to hold in check the inordinately and unnecessarily wealthy. They do not have the physical strength, the emotional wherewithal and other means to assure their children’s healthy growth and development. Since we know that greed-driven and wealth cause the conditions of poverty, we know that poverty is a condition which fits the definition of a crime against humanity. We must stop blaming the victims. We must end the conditions that perpetuate this destructiveness by changing the behaviors and laws which cause this destructiveness.

People who need sufficient income would work at an actual job if there is an actual job for them, or would do volunteer work for the necessary income. If they do not have sufficient capacity, they would still receive sufficient income. In addition to receiving sufficient income, people who have not had the opportunity to develop budget management skills and the other skills required for managing households and the other tasks of daily living should be provided with resources for instruction in developing these skills.

Our nation is not an aristocracy, it is not a government by a privileged class believed to be superior. Our nation is a democracy.




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