A harrowing school-police situation

Monday January 7, 2013

Reading Brian Sullivan’s column Jan. 3 ("Returning to school has eerie feel") sent shivers through me for many reasons, one of which was a personal experience during a protest against the Vietnam War.

At that time I was the chairman of the Music Department at Francis Lewis High School in Fresh Meadows Queens, N.Y. My office faced the school courtyard and I saw that there was a large crowd of students, residents and police in what appeared to a confrontation in an anti-war protest outside in front of my office. I ran out and saw a shoving match between the police and students.

One nervous police officer was pointing his gun at a student, and without thinking I forced my way between the two and now had the nervous cop with the gun in his shaking hand facing me. Fortunately, other policemen saw what was happening and pulled the frightened officer away from me.

The next day the protest incident appeared in the Daily News, the New York Times and the Long Island Press and none of them had the correct story.




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