A look at North Berkshire Healthcare financials


Here's a glance at Northern Berkshire Healthcare's annual financial outcomes starting from 1999 to the latest fiscal year available, 2012.

Fiscal 1999: NBH reports a profit of $1.4 million.

Fiscal 2000: Reports a profit of $311,000.

Fiscal 2001: Reports a loss of $1.9 million on $$56.5 million in revenue.

Fiscal 2002: Reports a $1 milllion loss.

Fiscal 2003: Reports a loss of $803,000 on $63 million in revenues.

Fiscal 2004: Reports a loss of $1.7 million loss on $67 million in revenues

Fiscal 2005: Reports $4.6 million loss.

Fiscal 2006: Reports a profit of $220,000 on revenues of $75.2 million.

Fiscal 2007: Reports a surplus of $325,000.

Fiscal 2008: Reports a $1.43 million surplus.

Fiscal 2009: Reports a $4.1 million loss in operating expenses for fiscal 2009, along with a loss of $4 million in investments.

Fiscal 2010: Reports a $6.8 million loss on $68 million in revenue, includes a $2.9 million operating expense loss at North Adams Regional Hospital.

Fiscal 2011: NBH posted a loss of $3.2 million on revenues of $67.7 million

Fiscal 2012: NBH made about $3 million in revenues in fiscal 2012, but because of the $4.1 million restructuring cost, it posted a net loss of $1.2 million.

-- Compiled by Jennifer Huberdeau


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