A message from a 'useful idiot'

Monday November 19, 2012

Friday, the Eagle published a letter to the editor by Beverly Gianokakis titled "Useful idiots re-elected Obama." I am indeed one of those "useful idiots." I am a college student who voted for Barack Obama. I could write here all the ways that I believe in Obama or disagreed with Mitt Romney. That’s not why I am writing this.

What she wrote is highly of fensive not only to Democrats but also to Republicans and all Americans alike. No American should ever be criticized for his or her vote after the fact. As Americans we should always champion voters regardless of which side they vote for. No matter how much you whine, the results won’t change. All the complaining will serve to do is further weaken our nation.

The amazing thing about living in a democracy is that we take several months to inform ourselves about our candidates before we enter the polling booth. That is the proper time to try to convince voters of which positions you support. However, once you leave that voting booth, your vote has been set in stone. Win, lose or draw, supporting America as a whole should come first, then your party second.

I now understand the writer’s feelings toward this so-called "new majority." It’s because she is in the old minority, a group of people who use exaggeration and intimidation to further their own personal goals at the detriment of their fellow Americans. If the attitudes of this minority don’t change, they will continue to become culturally irrelevant. Instead of mocking your opponents, try focusing on making your own policies stronger.

That’s what this "useful idiot" has done. All this hyperbolic talk has really made me wonder who the real idiots are.




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