A positive approach to negative

Monday June 24, 2013

Dark spots of every kind exist on every corner of this planet. No matter where we live or what we do there’s always a chance of something negative coming our way. Nobody wants a dark experience, but as human beings we sometimes do and when we do, we have to deal with it as best we can.

It’s not some kind of invention that hurts people. It’s how certain things are done. Take what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. It wasn’t the gun itself that killed those children. It was the way Adam Lanza used the gun. No matter what laws are put into effect, no matter who we have as world leaders, no matter how many people are caught, tried and punished for their wrongdoing, there will always be people with bad blood walking this planet.

The world has never been perfectly safe and it never will be. So why waste our humanity by going into hiding and waiting for a kind of day that will never dawn? We need to be cautious, but at the same time we need to live life to the fullest. To enjoy the world during the time we have.

Maybe the news media makes money by reporting only negative things, but does that need to be every person’s following? There are man-eating sharks in every ocean, but we still swim.




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