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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Question on Benghazi: What would be your position on this if George Bush or Ronald Reagan was sitting in the White House? For you who are old enough to remember, what became known as Watergate resulted in a president resigning ahead of being impeached for obstruction of justice -- for an attempted cover-up (AKA lying) of a misdemeanor crime.

Benghazi resulted in the deaths of an American ambassador and other American citizens, and what is now known (with more to come) is that the cover-up (lying) is even worse than that which took down a prior president. Politicians, including the secretary of state and the president lied and Americans died, unlike the crimes involved in Watergate.

Americans died and politicians decided just before an election (as with Watergate) that politics were more important than the truth and that illegal actions were needed to keep them on track to win an election. Is this what you really support? Have we really sunk this low?

On February 7, 1973, the United States Senate voted to establish a select committee to investigate Watergate, with Sam Ervin named chairman the next day. The hearings held by the Senate Committee, in which John Dean and other former administration officials testified, were broadcast from May 17 to August 7, 1973. The three major networks of the time agreed to take turns covering the hearings live, each network thus maintained coverage of the hearings every third day, starting with ABC on May 17 and ending with NBC on August 7. An estimated 85 percent of Americans with television sets tuned in to at least one portion of the hearings.

It is time for the same process to take place with regard to Benghazi.




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