A special place for tasty liver


In reference to Brian Sullivan's column of Feb. 7, "Liver passion challenged by masses," I, too, grew up in a house divided, 6-1. I loved bacon -- liver, yuk! As I grew older (and older, and older...) I became a liver lover, if the liver is nicely, tastily cooked.

I am not a liver cooker myself, but I do something that I thought I would never do -- order it in a restaurant. Not just any restaurant, though. There's a nice restaurant in Sheffield called The Bridge. I find their food worth recommending, but their liver and onions are outstanding! You get the usual turned up noses and "yuks" from the liver haters but it's worth it. I even had enough left for supper the next night.

If you decide to try it there, tell them Priscilla sent you. And order it medium. PRISCILLA RUEGER

Ashley Falls


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