A triumph for science, rationality

Wednesday August 8, 2012

Monday was a banner day for science and for the United States. It meant far more than all the gobbledygook coming from the idiotic banter in the presidential circus news. The science and knowledge in general which will come out of this event will be amazing.

It may induce more people to return to believing in science rather then the backwardness in stilled by conservative deni ers. You just can’t ignore or contradict science, and rationality in general without it biting you back.

For starters, let’s look at their assertion that global warming is a hoax. I wonder how Charles Koch, a multi-billionaire funder of Romney’s campaign, now feels about this accomplishment of "real" science in light of his bad bet on backing the work of Robert Muller -- the former global warming skeptic -- when his latest research at Berkeley Earth dramatically showed last week that the Earth’s temperature will rise 11Ž2 degrees in a mere 20 years, and has risen 21Ž2 degrees since 1800 as well. That’s enormous. (See New York Times article "The conversion of a climate skeptic.)

Returning to this week’s scientific accomplishment, it has given us hope and has allowed us to dream. Maybe we can finally start a similar project to develop alternative non-polluting energy sources to thwart global warming, like fusion. And then how about working on discovering cures for serious medical problems? I hope it will open up many doors.



The writer has an MS in Engineering Science, Dartmouth, and an EdD in Science Education, Columbia.


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