Alford mystifies FedEx and UPS

Friday December 28, 2012

Our town has no post office, so it is split between two zip codes, Great Barrington (01230) and West Stockbridge (01266). Both FedEx and UPS have never-ending delivery problems with our town, especially around the Christmas season, yet neither company desires to resolve the problem.

First example: FedEx. I placed an order for an item that was supposed to be delivered on a certain day. All day I waited in anticipation, constantly checking the package tracking status, until later in the evening the tracking status said that it was undeliverable and that the driver returned the package to their Rensselaer, N.Y. depot, which is 50 miles away from us, but supposedly the closest FedEx location. So the driver came out 50 miles, delivered everyone else’s packages all day, then gave up on mine and drove another 50 miles back to N.Y., only to have the package out for delivery again the next day, and I still have not received it.

Second example: UPS. My wife placed an order that is being shipped via UPS and it is also delayed because the driver brought it back to the Pittsfield depot, 25 miles away, stating it was undeliverable. My wife discovered (via her UPS tracking notifications) that UPS brought her package to the Pittsfield post office (yes, USPS) to deliver to our address, and stated that it would be delayed at least two more business days. So her package ended up making at least a 50-mile round trip, only for it to be dumped into USPS for delivery.

Their only resolution to the problem is for me to drive to their nearest depot. Why should I have to drive 25-50 miles to get a package when folks in neighboring towns have their packages delivered to their doorsteps without issues? In this modern day and age there is no logical or technical reason why both FedEx and UPS cannot make simple additions to their delivery databases to resolve this issue.

Both FedEx and UPS could save themselves a lot of time, mileage, fuel and labor overhead if they simply added Alford as a delivery option to both the 01230 and 01266 zip codes. The problem is that both companies, despite how many times I’ve contacted them over the years, refuse to make any changes to their systems to address delivery problems. Meanwhile, all residents in the small town of Alford suffer because their packages are hardly ever delivered on time, or in some cases at all.




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