All-Eagle Boys Alpine Skiing Capsules

Wednesday March 27, 2013

Eamon Connor

Taconic, Senior

Connor was dynamite for the Braves all year, winning every race he started at Bousquet Ski Area, often by large margins. There was no one who could compete with the senior in Berkshire County, and he was the only local skier to earn a medal at the state meet, finishing sixth in slalom.

The coach's take: Eamon finished the season with five wins and for the second year in a row finished first in the league for boys. Last year he helped lead the Taconic boys team to its first county championship in many years. Eamon has qualified for the state championships all four years. Great all-around racer.

-- Marc Latimer, Taconic coach Trent Pfeiffer

Monument, Sophomore

Pfeiffer finished five times and five times he was in the top three. He won the final GS of the year, and was the closest competitor to county champ Eamon Connor throughout the season.

The coach's take: [His year] didn't surprise me. I've been able to work with Trent for a long time. I've seen him coming up. I knew of him, knew of his potential. We tried to focus this year on his size and the strength he has, tried to utilize that. He's learned to be a mature ski racer this year. Knows when he can turn it on.

-- Peter Dunham, Monument coach

Will Dyer-Kloman

Lenox, eighth grade

Dyer-Kloman's coach, Dave Schulman, said the eighth grader has "natural, innate ability." It showed on the slopes.

The coach's take: He had an extremely strong season. He did an exceptional job. He's a force to be reckoned with.

-- Dave Schulman, Lenox coach

Ryan Kuhn

Greylock, Junior

Kuhn helped the Mounties finish in the top three as a team four times, including a team win in the first race of the year. He was third four times and only finished outside the top four once, when he didn't finish in the final slalom.

The coach's take: Ryan knows how to race and has managed some very consistent finishes this season

-- Colby Gail, Greylock coach

Sean Keenan

Pittsfield, Senior

Keenan was in the top five in Berkshire County for his senior year. A co-captain, the senior had the best results for Pittsfield High, finishing in the top five in each of the last two slalom races. That included a third-place finish in the last race.

The coach's take: Sean only had one speed of going as fast as his skis would carry him. Falling in the first slalom, most racers would have played it safe to get two more finishes. The next two times out of the gate, Sean went all or nothing.

-- Bob Geller, Pittsfield coach

Trevor McFarland

Monument, Sophomore

Being relatively new to ski racing didn't hold McFarland back. He finished every race and was always in the the top 10. His best results came in the slalom where he finished fifth, sixth and seventh in consecutive weeks.

The coach's take: I think he's somebody that we've put a big question mark on what his capabilities are. I think we're going to see his potential come out the next two years. If he has clean runs, he can surprise everybody.

-- Dunham

Keegan Kelly

Taconic, Senior

Kelly turned on the heat in the slalom portion of the season, finishing fourth twice. In the five races he finished, he was only outside the top 10 once.

The coach's take: Keegan is equally talented in both GS and slalom. He has improved every year since his freshman year and helped his team to a 2012 county title.

-- Latimer

Garrett Dempsey

Pittsfield, Junior

Dempsey made it to states for the second straight year, finishing in the top 10 in all six races at Bousquet Ski Area. He finished a season-high sixth twice.

The coach's take: Garrett is one of the best conditioned racers on the Pittsfield High boys team. Garrett's strong physical abilities, combined with his desire to go faster every race pushed him to finish in the top 10.

-- Geller

Erich Maynard

Pittsfield, Junior

Maynard is another racer who makes this list for the second straight year. He was seventh twice during the regular season to help carry him to states. He was eighth in the first slalom race of the year.

The coach's take: Erich has a demanding work ethic to get the most out of every practice. He would come early, ski hard and get in as many runs as possible.

-- Geller

Matt Geyer

Wahconah, Junior

Geyer blazed a trail for the Warriors, becoming the first Wahconah skier to make states since the school relaunched the program this year. He failed to finish his first race and was outside the top 10 the next two, but really came on in the slalom. He was in the top 10 the last three races, finishing a season-high fifth in the regular season finale.

The coach's take: I think it was an awesome opportunity for him to come out for our first year and give Wahconah that chance the first year back as a team to represent the school by going to states. I think it was awesome. ... As soon as we hit our slalom portion of the season, that's where he really shined.

-- Jill Johnson, Wahconah coach

Shaun Pero

Taconic, Senior

Pero was best in the final race of each discipline. He was fifth in the last GS before finishing ninth in the last slalom.

The coach's take: Shaun was a first-year varsity racer this year. He started off his year impressive and continued to improve in both events. Shaun did a great job, especially since it was his first year on the team.

-- Latimer

Ian Akers

Monument, Senior

Akers was in the top 10 twice, finishing sixth in the final race of the season. The captain improved from tough first races in each discipline to finish strong.

The coach's take: Ian was a great captain this year. He led the team with the right attitude. Ian's strengths really are his attitude. He comes to the race with the right attitude. He doesn't care if he misses a turn four gates in. He doesn't give up.

-- Dunham

Nick DiSanti

Greylock, Junior

DiSanti made a nice 1-2 punch with fellow All-Eagle selection Ryan Kuhn. He excelled in the Giant Slalom, finising in the top five all three races. His season-high was fourth twice.

The coach's take: Nick is just starting to really figure the sport out and he is improving every day on skis.

-- Gail

Tim Schmidt

Taconic, Senior

Schmidt had just one top 10 in GS before shining in the slalom. He was seventh and eighth in the two slalom races he finished.

The coach's take: Tim had his best his best year this year and should be proud of his accomplishment. He really pushed himself and worked hard this season.

-- Latimer


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