All-Eagle Girls Nordic Skiing Capsules


Kat Chenail

Mount Greylock, senior

Chenail started the year with a win before finishing second the next three times out to All-Eagle Most Valuable Player Josie Marshall. She edged Marshall at state, finishing a league-best seventh.

The coach's take: She really decided over the summer that she was going to be one of the top skiers. You could see it was just a decision she made. It was so great as a coach to see her make that decision and see her really embrace it fully. To see her finally get the results in the end was really rewarding.

-- Hilary Greene, Greylock coach Josie Marshall

Lenox, Junior

Marshall, the All-Eagle Most Valuable Player, had three wins after finishing second to start the year. She was ninth at state.

The coach's take: She did a terrific job of getting the nerves out. She'd take all that built-up nervous energy and put it into something positive. It put her head in the game and made her more ready.

-- Miranda Miller, Lenox coach

Alexa Adams

Mount Greylock, Senior

Adams was in the top 10 three times during the regular season, averaging better than sixth in those three races. She was 28th at state.

The coach's take: She's sort of a soccer player first. She's not our typical cross country runner, cross country skier. .. She's coming into the season not with the same level of fitness and yet she was quite incredible in terms of how she could contribute. Sort of a lot based on natural ability and competitiveness.

-- Greene

Alexandra DeVeaux

Mount Greylock, Senior

DeVeaux finished fifth twice and was a season-best fourth in the second race of the year. She finished the season 27th at state.

The coach's take: She's really special in that she really embraces the whole fitness world. She really wants to be fit, be healthy. Her skiing is really about participating, about being part of a team. Ski-wise, similar to Alexa, just a lot of natural ability. That and a lot of heart.

-- Greene

Sophia Dastoli

Mount Greylock, Senior

Dastoli was never worse than fifth during the regular season. She was was third in the next-to-last regular season race before earning a top-20 finish at state in 17th.

The coach's take: Sophia, interestingly enough, has been this kid that has won the most improved award for like 3 years in a row. Again, her name comes up. Every year we see thse incredible jumps from her. It continued this year. It's been amazing to watch.

-- Greene

Stephanie Adamczyk

Mount Greylock, Senior

Adamczyk was 12th her first time out before finishing strong with a fifth and sixth place in the last two races. She was 26th at state.

The coach's take: Stephanie is one of the backbone members of the team. She's been on the team since seventh grade. Technically our most skilled skier. Beautiful technician. She really knows her stuff. She'll put in the time with drills and trying to really improve herself.

-- Greene

Grace Smith

Mount Greylock, freshman

The daughter of U.S. Olympian Brenda Smith, this freshman had a sixth-place finish during the regular season before finishing 24th at state. Mounties girls coach Hilary Greene said Smith has loads of potential.

The coach's take: She's really special in that she still has this ninth grade naiveté. She doesn't even know how good she is. ... She has incredible potential. You can see everytime she skis she's improving.

-- Greene

Ellen Ross

Wahconah, Junior

Ross had two top-10s during the regular season and was 16th at the state meet. She only trailed Greylock's Kat Chenail and Lenox's Josie Marshall -- both fellow All-Eagle selections -- at Notchview on Feb. 12.

The coach's take: Of course she had great technique and rhythm, but she also succeeded due to her hard training and love for the sport. Even through rain and wind and even on rest days she was out skiing on the snow.

-- Touponce


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