All-Eagle Girls Tennis Team


All-Eagle Girls Tennis—Singles

Sam White: Senior, Monument Mountain

White lost just one match to a Berkshire County opponent -- and that didn't happen until the Western Mass. Division III championship match. In the regular season, White was 14-0 in the county, and she finished 18-3 overall at No. 1 singles for the sectional champion Spartans.

The coach's take: This year, Sam seemed to refocus and I noticed it right from the first practice. She was just determined to have a good senior year. -- Jeff Caligari, Monument coach 

Caitlyn BriggsSenior, Lee

Briggs, a Western Mass. individual quarterfinalist, went 16-3, winning all her No. 1 singles matches in the Western Mass. Division III tournament. That includes a season-defining win over Monument Mountain's Sam White in the sectional championship match.

The coach's take: Her season went wonderfully. Hard work, practice -- that's what worked. Any kid that puts in the time she did is going to have results. -- Jeff Forget, Lee coach

Tara Shastri: Sophomore, Mount Greylock

Shastri was the Mounties' No. 1 singles player for much of the season, and compiled a 13-5 record between 1 and 2. She was one of three Berkshire County players to earn a top-eight seed for the Western Mass. individual tournament.

The coach's take: At the beginning of the year, Melina was able to beat her when we first got out in the cold weather. Tara had to find her game. Once she found her game, she was the clear-cut No. 1, with some of the best groundstrokes in the league. -- John Jacobbe, Greylock coach

Cara Freadman: Sophomore, Monument Mountain

Freadman, like her teammate White, was unbeatable in Berkshire County in the regular season. At No. 2 singles, Freadman went 11-0 in the Berkshires, and 16-2 overall. Her losses came in the Western Mass. individual tournament and the Division III state semifinals. Perhaps her most impressive feat was that, in all 16 victories, she was only pushed to a third set once.

The coach's take: Cara is very tough mentally. She's not going to lose a match out there. She's going to will her way to a victory, no matter what. She's very consistent; she plays the big points well. -- Caligari

Melina Sfakianaki: Senior, Mount Greylock

Sfakianaki, as the Mounties' No. 2 player, was 13-4. All four losses came to fellow All-Eagle selections, and Greylock coach John Jacobbe said she was still very competitive in her loss to All-Eagle MVP White. Sfakianaki's strong play at No. 2 -- though she also played at No. 1 at one point in the season -- helped the Mounties reach the Western Mass. Division III semifinals.

The coach's take: She's a competitor. She had a little bit of everything in her game. She could come to the net. When she played with positive emotion, she was a tough match. She proved that all the way into Western Mass. -- Jacobbe

All-Eagle Girls Tennis—Doubles

Molly Amstead and Emily MartinJunior/Senior, Monument Mountain

Amstead and Martin went 9-2 overall at No. 1 doubles, and 7-0 in Berkshire County for the Western Mass. Division III champion Spartans. Both losses came in the postseason. As a team, the pair was unlikely to make many unforced errors.

The coach's take: Molly and Emily are both very athletic. They both cover a lot of the court. They knew where the other was. They came together really well. I would say both are probably stronger from the back of the court. I guess the best way to describe them is they had similar games, but they knew what each other was doing because they played a lot out there. -- Caligari

Carly Shafiroff and Hailey Higgins: Sophomore/Freshman, Monument Mountain

These two weren't paired until later in the regular season by coach Jeff Caligari. When they came together, though, Shafiroff and Higgins couldn't be beaten. They were 9-0 overall, 5-0 in Berkshire County, and dropped just one set as a team. Shafiroff handled the service and groundstrokes, while Higgins was the team's strength at the net.

The coach's take: Once I settled on Carly and Hailey, they went undefeated from that point on. Carly improved dramatically. She's the most improved player on the team, no question about it. Hailey worked very hard at practices, and she was the kind of player [that] I didn't realize what I had for three to four weeks, until I found she was a consistent doubles player. -- Caligari


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