Allard finishes first in Green Mile at Third Thursday


Video | GREEN MILE: The runners are off at the Green Mile at Third Thursday

Video | GREEN MILE: Tim Allard pulls away down the stretch, winning the Green Mile.

PITTSFIELD — Wahconah Regional High School graduate Tim Allard said there's one reason the school in Dalton produces so many talented sprinters — hills. Running through the hilly terrain growing up, in addition to running Warrior Hill on campus, helped Allard build the quick-twitch muscles necessary to accelerate past his competition.

On Thursday, Allard put his sprinting skills on display, finishing first in the Green Mile at Third Thursday in 4 minutes and 56.7 seconds.

"There's only one way to run a mile, that's 100 percent for the first half and 110 [percent] in the second half," Allard said. "It's not like a 5k or 10k where you can pace yourself for the miles. ... This is just — don't let anyone get in front of you and run like hell."

Allard came down the final stretch with Lee's Sam Harding close on his tail, but the former Warrior pulled away, finishing three seconds ahead of the second-place finisher. Brandon Williams finished third overall in 5:07.9, followed by Wahconah track coach James McMahon (5:14.1) and Aidan Santos (5:18.05). Kate Sanders was the top female finisher, placing 19th overall in 6:07.5.

McMahon and Allard were track teammates at Wahconah under current Lee athletic director Art Reilly. Now McMahon's helping usher in a new set of talented runners. Matt Lighten finished sixth overall in 100-meter dash at the New England Regional meet. Sean Harvey also qualified for the New England meet in the 110 and 400-meter hurdles, respectively.

"We do our best to create a championship atmosphere," McMahon said. "I take a lot of what Art does into my own coaching. He really did a good job of instilling motivation in us, like intrinsic motivation, wanting to go out and challenge ourselves."

Of the almost 180 registered racers, 157 completed the Green Mile. The warm weather was a contrast to last year's cloudy, chilly weather. Race director Kent Lemme said running in warmer weather is good for the body, as the increased temperatures keep muscles loose and limber. He added that the shorter distance is perfect for all ages and ability levels, but the quick pace of a mile run offers its own challenges in comparison to longer races.

Sanders, an avid distance runner, said while some runners recorded personal bests in the heat, she prefers longer distances and cooler temperatures.

"I have to say I prefer the cool weather. ... Your body is probably more limber, but I don't find it that way for myself," she said.

"It's great because you get down to Maplewood [avenue], turn around, a half mile back and you're done. You're done in less the 15 minutes, but it's so painful. I prefer long distance, but it's fun to do a mile at Third Thursday."

The Office of Cultural Development will use the funds generated from the race to put on the 10th Anniversary Third Thursday party next month.


Top Finishers

Top 10 Males

1. Timothy Allard 4:56.7; 2. Sam Harding 4:59.9; 3. Brandon Williams 5:07.9; 4. James McMahon 5:14.1; 5. Aidan Santos 5:18.5; 6. Mike Spitzer 5:21.1; 7. Brandon Rousseau 5:25.4; 8. William Morrissette 5:26.6; 9. Jason Candee 5:40.3; 10. Paul Gage 5:41.3.

Top Male Finishers 13-19

1. Aidan Santos 5:18.5; 2. Zabion Powell 6:06.5; 3. Nolan Smith 6:22.1.

Top Finishers 20-29

1. Brandon Rousseau 5:25.4; 2. William Morrissette 5:26.6; 3. Griffin Labbance 5:49.8.

Top Finishers 30-39

1. James McMahon 5:14.1; 2. Jason Candee 5:40.3; 3. Joe Lewis 5:55.7.

Top Finishers 40-49

1. Paul Gage 5:41.3; 2. Derek Powell 5:57.4; 3. Brett Greenleaf 6:00.4.

Top Finishers 50-59

1. Mike Spitzer 5:21.1; 2. Daniel Radacsi 6:16.2; 3. David Hall 6:26.2.

Top Finishers 60+

1. Bill Farry 6:32.9; 2. Scott Bradley 6:33.5; 3. Dave Charboneau 6:42.3.

Top 10 Females

1, Kate Sanders 6:07.5; 2. Nicole Shepardson 6:18.4; 3. Kendra Castagna 6:23.8; 4. Hannah Locklear 6:25.8; 5. Sarah Witruk 6:27.2; 6. Adrienne Rynes 6:29.0; 7. Kim Gero 6:30.2; 8. Jessica Fried 6:30.3; 9. Tammy Charboneau 6:30.6; 10. Makailey Cookis 6:45.4.

Top Female Finishers 13-19

1. Kendra Castagna 6:23.8; 2. Hannah Locklear 6:25.8; 3. Makailey Cookis 6:45.4.

Top Finishers 20-29

1. Alyssa Duane 7:42.1; 2. Meghan Wright 7:48.4; 3. Kelly Robertson 8:00.3.

Top Finishers 30-39

1. Sarah Witruk 6:27.2; 2. Adrienne Rynes 6:29.0; 3. Kim Gero 6:30.2.

Top Finishers 40-49

1. Kate Sanders 6:07.5; 2. Nicole Shepardson 6:18.4; 3. Stephanie Bressette 6:49.4.

Top Finishers 50-59

1. Tammy Charboneau 6:30.6; 2. Lori Belknap 8:08.0; 3. Denise Dubreuil 8:09.3.

Top Finishers 60+

1. Robin Avery 7:12.4; 2. Carol Cushenette 10:00.2; 3. Ann Rennie 13:34.8.

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