Amateur president is harming nation

Sunday July 8, 2012

Lyra Sansky (letter July 4) says that she doesn’t understand health care, insurance and the financial aspects of health care, but that she is glad that President Obama was able to deliver on his promise. She and many other Obama supporters may not be so happy when they find out about the truth behind this law and its progenitor.

President Obama’s private physician of 22 years says the law is unworkable because there are no cost controls. It is going to be incredibly expensive, meaning more tax in creases, and if it fails, his former physician believes it will set health care reform back for a long time.

Just like this law, our president is not the man he purports to be. Every American citizen should be required to read "The Amateur" for it reveals the real Barack Obama, and he is not the unifying bipartisan president he claims to be.

According to Edward Klein, the author of "The Amateur," after interviewing over 200 people, Obama has a messiah complex, and therefore, he believes he is above the rules of the land. Hence his end runs around Congress whenever it doesn’t give him what he wants. His hope is to change America into a European type socialist state, the type that is falling apart all over Europe because their private sectors aren’t healthy enough to support the bloated public sectors and entitlements of the socialist state. You might be inclined to think that "The Amateur" is the product of some right wing nut, but Edward Klein was the editor of the New York Times Magazine for 30 years.

So, if this is also your vision for America, then send Presi dent Obama back for a second term. If not, then send him home to Chicago. Please spare me the comments about being racist and lacking respect. I have had a number of black friends during my life. When I was growing up, respect was something which was earned. You earned respect by respecting others and by conducting yourself in an appropriate manner. Our president has done neither.




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