America enjoyed a moral victory

Wednesday November 14, 2012

A recent letter to the editor suggested that America made an immoral decision on Election Day when voters reelected President Obama. President Obama’s reelection was indeed a "moral" victory.

It was a moral victory for tolerance and the distant beckoning light of brotherhood over hate and intolerance. President Obama has suffered the indignity of having his nationality challenged and besmirched as an interloper who didn’t un derstand America. He is even thought of as a Muslim by many, as though religion should make a difference in a secular nation.

From the racially-laden polemic by Donald Trump who demanded the president’s college transcripts be released, insinuating that a black man could not have succeeded at Harvard, to Sarah Palin’s race baiting about "chuck and jive," from John Sununu calling the president lazy, to the plethora of hate spewed by many in this country, we have seen that racial and religious intolerance is not afraid to rear its ugly head. Yet, a two-by-four of Democratic pine hit that head Tuesday night.

It was a moral victory for science over ignorance. President Obama takes science seriously -- like the science behind climate change. Far too many people deny climate change like a person refusing to admit that smoking two packs of cigarettes a day contributed to their emphysema.

It was a moral victory for women and equality over sexism and misogyny. From Re pub lican congressman who refused to vote for the Led better Act granting women equal pay, to their supporting a "Personhood Amendment" given citizenship rights (such as property ownership and voting) to unborn fetuses, to over 400 state laws passed by conservative legislatures limiting access to reproductive rights, all the way to the intellectual knuckle-draggers who believe a woman’s reproductive system can shutdown during a "legitimate" rape or believe that pregnancy from a rape is a blessing from God, the right wing has shown that the only thing that has been shut down are some people’s capacity for logical thought and compassion.

Women can sleep more easily knowing that any nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court over the next four years will be a pro-choice advocate. And if anything could be considered a "blessing from God" it would be the U.S. Senate now having 20 women and the Democratic caucus in the House having more women then men.

It was a moral victory for the young girl who is a leukemia sufferer that President Obama spoke about in his victory speech who has health insurance, as well as the millions who will also have coverage, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The same act that the conservatives fought against every step of the way and want to overturn.

America still has many problems and the Democrats are far from perfect, often doing little more than trying to prop up a failing system. However, the base word of "progressive" is progress and progress moves forward. The nation skirted a major step backward. The moral victory that the nation experienced Tuesday cannot be gainsaid.




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