And miles to go: Fall season brings need for change


Some changes need to be made around here. By here, I mean my life. No offense to yours, which I'm sure could use some teeny tiny minute changes, too, but I'm thinking of bigger changes in the Lofgren household.

Autumn is the season of change. Or is that spring? Anyway, I'm looking to turn over a new leaf right here, right now.

To start, I should probably not continue to say to myself "There's always next week" when it comes to dropping a few pounds. I've been working out at least twice a week, kicking butt with some Miner Combat dudes and dudettes. But apparently, my soon-to-be 25-year-old body says that's not enough.

I've insisted my house be filled with fruit, veggies and lemon water. And my workouts need to become a daily routine, even though sleep always sounds like a better option.

My main motivation for this whole get-fit-fast idea is one of my best friends is getting married in August.

"August!" you say? "That's so far away!"

No, it's not. That month is gonna fly into my field of vision like a bat out of hell, and I'm not going to be ready physically or mentally to help my friend celebrate one of the greatest moments in her young life.

It takes FOREVER to get into shape and NO TIME AT ALL to get out of shape. Thanks to whoever thought that was a grand idea.

I'm making a pledge to eat better and work out more often, and because I'm telling anyone who reads this column, I'm hoping for either A.) your encouragement or B.) your awful shaming, which will act as a kick in the tookus.

Another change anyone could implement is turning negativity into positivity. I've been so guilty of this recently that it's affected a few relationships. When you think you know better than some people or you just generally don't like someone and have a compulsiveness to let them know, it does no one any good.

This may be cheesy, but I follow @yoga_girl on Instagram and for whatever reason, it makes my day to see someone embrace a lifestyle and tell people to chill out. Meditation and yoga are now on the agenda.

A few more things that have the potential to irritate my lethargy bug, but are things I would like to embrace include:

Read more books. Everyone says this. Maybe 25 percent of us actually follow through. In my defense, it's hard to find time for a solid novel when you're working, maintaining a home, staying in touch with distant friends and relatives, etc.

Watch better TV/movies: I'm pretty good at this already, but I think my viewing habits could get an upgrade with some background before watching. A little research before a show or movie always adds a little something extra to the experience. Then you can impress your friends with all that useless film knowledge!

Take on more projects: By this, I mean actually following through with the plethora of projects I have floating around the house waiting to come into fruition. Sorry projects! Mama's getting' to ya.

Stop worrying about the thoughts of others: I never used to care about what other people think, but I've since gone through a period where anyone else's opinion is more valid than my own. Not cool. I know my high opinion of myself is more important than anyone else's (except Mom's and Dad's). Still, it's important to keep that high-and-almighty feeling in check at work and with strangers. There's a difference between confidence and arrogance.

Last one: I turn 25 on Nov. 17. I will do my best to avoid a quarter-life crisis. I make no promises, as I feel entitled to cry briefly over the things I have yet to accomplish. But I'll then smile like a goon at the millions of other things I have yet to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. But first, I get to go through a mourning period.


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