And Miles to Go: Stoked for the summer


I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm super stoked for summer here in the Berkshires. Not only are all the cool theaters and other cultural venues ramping up, but the whole world seems to unfold as the temperatures increase.

Last year, I was lazy and didn't take advantage of the warm weather as much as I should have. But this year, I have gigantic plans for myself and for anyone near me -- and that includes you, reader.

First: Lay down outside. Lay on your porch. Lay in the grass. On the beach. On a mountain. Wherever. Just sit down and listen. Don't say anything to anyone or anything. Don't scream at the buggies around your head. Don't answer your phone. Nada! Enjoy the crazy sounds the summer produces, because before you know it, they'll be gone with the autumn months.

Play an actual physical game, like softball or golf. Get some people together and compete. Everyone has some sort of competitive edge in the summer. Where there's heat, there are tempers. Let that aggressive lion(ess) out and try to kick another team's butt. If you lose, meh, so what? Enjoy a cold beverage with the winners and talk about how you let them win this time.

Go swimming as much as possible. That's obvious, but do try to put your whole body underneath the water. Don't be afraid for your hair. It dries. It may not dry in the sexiest manner, but why does that matter when everyone else is sweating their bums off and probably looking less than their best, too?

Take a trip or several. I'm going to a few weddings this summer along with some exploratory New England trips. Being from Ohio, I have yet to see the Cape or any of Maine or a good part of the Berkshires, for that matter. But with each new place, I demand you try something brand new. Maybe it's a cicada soufflé or lemon meringue pie. Whatever it is, try it before you hate on it. Maybe it'll be a good reason to come back to your day-trip destination.

I haven't had time to really listen to an entire album from any musician, so let's take some time to read a review, pick out some tunes, and take in as much of the lyrics and synth riffs as possible. Maybe we can spark a conversation about what we liked and didn't like about this year's summer records.

Call your parents (if they're still around). I haven't seen mine since Christmas, so I want to live vicariously through their Ohio summers that I miss so much via phone calls or Skype.

If your ‘rents are nearby, go visit them! And if they're no longer with you, go visit them.

To wrap up my summer demands list, I say eat as much candy as possible. Ice cream, too. For those of us trying to lose some poundage, keep your moderation orientation in check, but don't hesitate to say chasing down the ice cream truck was your workout for the day.


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