Angered by mob mentality

Sunday May 6, 2012

In reference to the debate in the Berkshire Hills Regional School District, how dare we, as a community, harm the reputations of those who have been at our service for years, not only without thanks, but with much criticism that they knew they would receive when they took the job?

How dare we, as a community, accuse people who may not be guilty of the most heinous crimes imaginable?

How dare we, as a community, forgo logical thought and reasoned judgment in favor of Salem witchcraft trial-esque mob mentality and rule of the war cry?

We as a community need to get back to our roots. Shame upon those who have indicted Scott Muir and the school district in the court of public opinion before hearing the facts in a court of law! What have we become when we are no longer reasonable but are, indeed, voracious animals eating our own?




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