Angered by St. Joe's cemetery rules

Thursday September 6, 2012

I am planning a long-distance trip soon to my home town of Pittsfield to pay my respects and place flowers on my mother’s grave, something I have not had the opportunity to do in the 16 long years since she died. I tried searching on-line for a phone number or a contact for the cemetery to ask about the rules, hours, etc., and none was available. I guess they don’t want to answer to the general public. I finally contacted a local florist for guidance.

I was extremely disappointed to learn that no containers or flowers of any sort are allowed after Labor Day. Unfortu nately, I am unable to travel until after that date. I feel that the priests in charge of St. Joseph’s Cemetery have created far too stringent rules and regulations and question why they are calling the shots anyhow. By not allowing flowers after Labor Day the priests are doing a disservice to the families who have loved ones buried in St. Joseph’s.

I believe those in charge should follow the example of Christ and display a little compassion to those of us who cannot fit into their rigid, unfair and inflexible schedule. How dare they tell us that we must abide by their calendar instead of ours? Good money was paid to inter our loved ones in this cemetery and by God, we should have the right to put flowers on the grave whenever it is convenient for us, not for the priests!

Come Hell or high water, Mom is going to get the flowers that I have been waiting so long to put on her grave.


Marietta, GA


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