Animal abuse is community problem

Sunday February 10, 2013

As always, I am deeply troubled by news that someone (usually a group of miscreant male children) has so callously abused an animal (Eagle, Feb. 6). And, I am also deeply troubled that, more than likely, no one will ever be held accountable for this horrendous act of cruelty.

It amazes me that no one will consider that, more than likely, the deranged children who tortured this cat must live in very close proximity to where the act was committed. After all, with children being as lazy as they are today, it is very unlikely that they wandered far from where they live. And, I don’t understand why the school in that same area does not collect all the students in the auditorium for a lecture from the town’s animal control officer on the crime of animal cruelty. The discussion should also include, perhaps from another speaker, how a "small" crime like this is an indication of a very sick mind(s) and could eventually lead to much bigger crimes up to and including murder. Then the question might be raised -- "Do you want such a person or people living near you or going unpunished?" The students should also be made aware of an ongoing investigation and the seriousness of withholding evidence from the police.

With some subtle pressure such as this, one good person, or someone feeling guilty about having participated in the act, just might step forward. In other words, the community must become involved, when an animal is treated way, to prevent it from turning into greater acts of violence, down the road. This is how children learn the right way to act and behave in society and, it is necessary to involve the schools, because some parent(s) have obviously failed to raise their child or children properly.


Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

The writer is visiting family in Pittsfield where he lived for 20 years.


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