Another blow to our democracy

Saturday April 20, 2013

Wednesday, 90 percent of the American people were stood up. With a count of 54 to 46, just shy of the 60 votes needed, the amendment for extended background checks on gun ownership was blocked. The 46 U.S. senators who voted "Nay" shamefully let the American people down. Instead of standing up for more security and safety for our loved ones they stood up for power, greed, wealthy backers of the NRA and the gun manufacturers.

How does this look to others in the world as they witness such cowardly actions? I dare any of these senators to sit down in a room today and look eye to eye with parents of any of the children and adults slaughtered at Newtown, or the relatives of any of those 3,000 plus killed by guns in this country since that dreadful day at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Are there any reasonable, sensible words they could say that would be of any comfort to these soldiers of grief? Of course not. There is not one ounce of an explanation that can speak any truth at all.

We, The People, vote our senators into office. We expect them to support us, their constituents, but we continue to witness our representatives doing just the opposite. The meaning of true democracy has faded before our very eyes. We, our nation, our human community, have been stood up by the false mechanics of a malfunctioning government; we are struck down by legislative malaise and the twisted greed in the souls of many.

Perhaps such an accumulation of outrageousness is what has to happen, to this extreme degree, for more and more of us to become truly awake and begin to turn around these forces of darkness and evil so prominent in the world today.


Great Barrington


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