Arab leaders fail Friedman

Wednesday June 12, 2013


On the editorial page of the June 6 Eagle, Tom Friedman writes, in general, that a two-state peaceful resolution between Israel and West Bank Palestinians does not happen because of Israeli intransigence. Friedman states that West Bank occupation makes Israel appear as a pariah state in International opinion.

The so-called West Bank is a media shortcut name for Judea and Samaria, which are historical homelands of the Jewish people. At best, it is disputed territory, as by definition, you cannot "occupy" your own land. You live there in communities. "Settlements" is a misnomer.

Friedman describes the current Palestinian leadership as "moderate" and a possible partner to Israel in a viable two-state solution. Mahmoud Abbas is a Holocaust denier. He demands the return of millions of Arabs to the state of Israel as a pre-condition for sitting down with Israelis to negotiate.

Friedman suggests that Jerusalem be divided again to accommodate another Abbas demand. Most Israelis want their capital city to remain whole. Friedman fantasizes that the new state of Palestine will be a "multi-religious Arab state." Christian Copts in Egypt are persecuted. Christian Arabs were in 1948 were a large majority in Bethlehem. Many were driven out by Arab Muslims, and very few remain in Bethlehem. There is not a single multi-religious state among the Arab Muslim nations, with the questionable exception of Lebanon.

Peace is possible between Israel and her Arab neighbors when a new Arab leadership arises that can fulfill Friedman’s expectations.




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