Arthur, Jourdain power teams to dual meet sweeps in cross-country opener


GREAT BARRINGTON — One race, one win for Mount Greylock's Evan Arthur and Lenox's Emma Jourdain.

Arthur and Jourdain each finished first in their respective races at Monument Mountain on Wednesday, helping their teams to a pair of dual meet wins in a race that also featured Pittsfield and Taconic.

Arthur anchored a dominating team performance by the Mounties. Arthur finished Monument's 3.1-mile course in 16 minutes, 43 seconds, and the next four finishers behind him were teammates — Sam Culver (17:15.3), Owen Brandriss (17:38.3), Cameron Castonguay (17:39.9) and Josh Cheung (17:47.6).

Jourdain, meanwhile, beat out Mount Greylock's Margo Smith to claim a win, finishing in 19:05.3 to Smith's 19:13.

The Greylock boys defeated Monument (15-49) and Pittsfield (15-45) in their two scored meets, while the Lenox girls defeated Monument (20-40) and Taconic (15-50).

"I think that this year we are much closer together as a group of five than we even were last year," said Castonguay of his team's race. "Last year, I couldn't see Evan, I couldn't see Culver at times, we were always spread out. This year, we are much tighter but also much further out front."

Greylock's dominance didn't stop with their top five finishers. The Mounties had two more runners come across in the top 13 finishers, as well. The top non-Greylock finisher was Taconic's Ryan Serre (17:48.3), followed by Pittsfield duo Greg Fournier (17:51.9) and Lucas Godwin (17:59.4). Mount Greylock's Jesse Seid finished ninth, and Taconic's Trevor Pelkey finished 10th.

"I thought the Taconic and Pittsfield kid ran well, we are just pretty strong this year," Greylock boys coach Scott Burdick said. "I am really pleased with my second wave coming through, too. We put in seven in the top 13 with four teams. We are pretty solid."

Arthur, who spent the entirety of last year's league schedule finishing behind graduated teammate Tommy Kirby, said that this meet wasn't too different from last year — sans the final result.

"It felt nice to win," Arthur said. "It felt kind of the same as last year because Tommy was always so far out ahead of me. So, the bike was Tommy, basically, in this race. It felt good. It was nice that we started out pretty slow in a pack and then eventually spread out. It was a nice race."

On the girls' side, Lenox did place three runners in the top five — Maggie Sorrentino (19:58.5) was third and Alice Najimy (20:56.3) was fifth — but the top 10 was well-represented amongst the schools present. Smith, Niku Darafshi (6th, 21:11.4) and Emily Lescarbeau (9th, 21:49.4) finished in the top 10 for Greylock, and Monument's sisterly duo of Grace Phair (4th, 20:26.2) and Meryl Phair (8th, 21:16.3) also finished before Lenox's fifth runner, Ellen Huth in 10th, crossed

"I think Margo plus the two Monument girls, wow, it's really exciting to see [the finishes]," Lenox coach Jeanne Teasdale said, "because it only pushes us and pushes them more to have the girls competing week-to-week, almost, because we compete with them a lot. It's only helpful for everybody to have a strong county.

It was exciting today, but we have some work to do to make it back to where we were last year."

Jourdain noted that she was excited to be back for her senior year, and to have the ever-willing Smith hot on her tail as they raced.

"I thought it was good," Jourdain said of the race. "Normally one of us is always on each other's shoulder, and this time it was her on my shoulder. I'm always aware of where she is, but I try to run my own race, focus on my own breathing, and it worked out today."

In other notable dual results, the Pittsfield boys took a win over Taconic based on the sixth and seventh runners after both teams finished with 28 points. Pittsfield's next two runners crossed before Taconic's to swing the tiebreaker.

The Taconic boys, though, did record one win — beating Lenox 15-41.

For the girls, Mount Greylock edged Monument 23-36, Greylcok topped Pittsfield 16-47 and Pittsfield recorded a 27-28 win over Taconic.



Team results — Monument def. Lenox 19-38; Mount Greylock def. Monument 15-49; Greylock def. Pittsfield 15-45; Pittsfield def. Taconic 28-28 (tiebreaker); Taconic def. Lenox 15-41.

Individual results — 1. Evan Arthur (MG), 16:43.7; 2. Sam Culver (MG), 17:15.3; 3. Owen Brandriss (MG), 17:38.3; 4. Cameron Castonguay (MG), 17:39.9; 5. Josh Cheung (MG), 17:47.6; 6. Ryan Serre (T), 17:48.3; 7. Greg Fournier (P), 17:51.9; 8. Lucas Godwin (P), 17:59.4; 9. Jesse Seid (MG), 18:20.1; 10. Trevor Pelkey (T), 18:22.5; 11. Paul Wales (P), 18:32.8; 12. Jared Henry (MM), 18:44.6; 13. Jakin Miller (MG), 18:49.9; 14. Zabion Powell (T), 19:00.9; 15. Nick Gray (MM), 19:03.7; 16. Michael Goretti (MM), 19:09.3; 17. Noah Shepardson (P), 19:10.3; 18. Brandon Pelkey (T), 19:14.1; 19. Gabe Carrington (T), 19:23.5; 20. Steve Taglieri (P), 19:35.3.


Team results — Lenox def. Monument 20-40; Mount Greylock def. Monument 23-36; Mount Greylock def. Pittsfield 47-16; Pittsfield def. Taconic 27-28; Lenox def. Taconic 15-50.

Individual results — 1. Emma Jourdain (L), 19:05.3; 2. Margo Smith (MG), 19:13; 3. Maggie Sorrentino (L), 19:58.5; 4. Grace Phair (MM), 20:26.2; 5. Alice Najimy (L), 20:56.3; 6. Niku Darafshi (MG), 21:11.4; 7. Meryl Phair (MM), 21:16.3; 8. Marion Huth (L), 21:17.8; 9. Emily Lescarbeau (MG), 21:49.4; 10. Ellen Huth (L), 21:50.5; 11. Alice Glab (MG), 21:54.6; 12. Tate Morrison (L), 21:56.9; 13. Maeven Broderick (MM), 22:10.9; 14. Lessley Columna (P), 22:13.2; 15. Emma Polumbo (MG), 22:15.5; 16. Hazel Scullin (MG), 22:23.8; 17. Helen Greenfield (MG), 22:47.3; 18. Hannah Locklear (MG), 22:48.5; 19. Miriam Bakija (MG), 22:53.2; 20. Alice Huth (L), 22:58.5.


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