Ban student use of cellphones

Friday August 31, 2012

In regard to the column by Brian Sullivan ("Is education plan the right one?" Eagle, Aug. 23), I would like to make one suggestion. Find a way to definitively block access to every single cellphone, iPhone, etc. that the students bring to school daily, and don't allow them to use them all day.

You'd be amazed if you walked around any of these schools before class, at lunchtime, and between classes and saw the percentage of kids with their noses in these devices. There is no way to get sustained educational attention out of these students, when they constantly are walking around, sitting, and otherwise glued to these little things.

Just put a lead curtain of sorts over all the buildings and have them spend the entire school day actually thinking. Obviously, office staff needs computer access, but somehow disable every electronic device for the school day.

I find it ironic that with so much information available, there is so little understanding, complex concentration and social interaction taking place. Parents, teachers, let's teach these kids to think. Free them from these things.




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