Basic question remains unanswered

Wednesday July 10, 2013

To the editor of The Eagle:

In response to Mr. Garrity’s letter of June 21 ("Fire Association dedicated to town"), once again I compliment the volunteers of the fire association in the town of Lanesborough. They do put in many volunteer hours at the station.

But Mr. Garrity has failed to answer the basic question of why the association funds are not openly made public in the town report, or at the very least posted on the post office bulletin board, as is the case for other town business.

Other than to say the association is abiding by state laws that these funds are posted annually, please inform the taxpayers as to where and when they can be viewed. Again, why not post them in the annual report?

Secondly, in response to his statements that I should put more time into helping the community, perhaps Mr. Garrity should do some research. I have served on the Finance Committee, the Building Board of Appeals, and as Selectman to mention a few over the last 40 years.

But one question he did apparently answer, is that for financial purposes it is an association and only figuratively a town department.



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