Be good to pets on Fourth of July

Wednesday July 3, 2013

To the Editor of THE EAGLE:

I would like to remind all dog and cat owners that the 4th of July holiday fireworks frightens most animals and puts them at risk on this celebratory day. There is high occurrence of lost pets on this day because most dogs are frightened by the fireworks and will run to get away from the noise, and keep running and keep running, for miles. Many dogs are never found after the holiday.

Please observe some very easy tips to protect your animals and to keep them safe on this holiday. Thank you for caring for your dogs, and do not forget to adopt, not shop when looking for your next animal companion.

* Tip 1: Make sure your dog or cat always has access to a comfortable, quiet, safe place to hide, whether it is a closet, under a piece of furniture or in its crate.

* Tip 2: Keep toys in your pet’s safe area to make the area more fun and to provide distractions from loud noises and flashes.

* Tip 3: Make time to exercise your pet during daylight hours and keep it safely indoors after fireworks begin.

* Tip 4: At dusk, close your windows and curtains and turn on music to muffle the noise.

* Tip 5: And NEVER punish a pet when scared.


Washington, Ma.


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