Beacon is alienating its customers

Monday September 24, 2012

Several letters have been written to The Eagle lately regarding the searching of handbags for the smuggling of snacks into the Beacon theater. But, this past Tuesday afternoon, my husband and I ran into another issue.

We went to the Beacon on $5 Tuesday to see "Hope Springs." Upon our attempting to purchase two tickets for $5 each, we were told by the Cashier that "Hope Springs" was not eligible for the $5 deal and that we would have to pay the regular price. I told the cashier that there was not an asterisk next to the movie title in The Eagle that signifies that regular price must be paid. She said "the Beacon told The Eagle to put the asterisk in the ad and that they couldn’t help it if The Eagle didn’t do as they were told."

I told her the same no asterisk ad had been in The Eagle since last Friday (five days), therefore The Beacon had sufficient time to call The Eagle to make the correction. She said the regular price had to be paid to see "Hope Springs." Suppose we had gone to the theater with only $10 in our pocket? I checked the ad Wednesday (day six) and still no asterisk. Seems to me, The Beacon dropped the ball and should have honored the $5 deal.

One more thing. When approaching the fellow taking our tickets, there were two middle-aged women ahead of us who were not too happy when they were told to open their handbags for "the search." Contraband was found -- two lollipops, big deal! Beacon, you have dropped the ball big time with poor customer service.




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