Behind Mount Everett's choice numbers

Monday September 17, 2012

I have become increasingly concerned and troubled by the decline in enrollment in the Southern Berkshire Regional School District (SBRSD), specifically at Mount Everett. According to an article published in the September 7-13 edition of the Berkshire Record, a total of "142 students have choiced out of the district while only 128 students have choiced in from other districts." This trend is alarming as it "this im age problem is costing SBRSD approximately $70,000 this year.

In my opinion, sadly enough, a select few faculty/staff members have directly contributed to the declining school population, understandably these individuals’ actions have far-reaching consequences.

As a proud graduate of Mount Everett Regional High School, Class of 1983, I am increasingly troubled by the actions of a select few faculty/ staff members over the past years. My concern is not alone, but adds to a growing number of parents that have expressed major concerns and outrage at a select few faculty/staff members’ handling of policies and procedures, far exceeding their authority, becoming involved in the personal lives of students and their families, engaging in soap opera antics and failing to distinguish between fact and fiction.

The aforementioned complaints do not reflect upon the faculty/staffs’ qualifications, credentials, experience or job performances. However, they do extend specifically to their self-righteous attitudes and substantial arrogance, for example, "How dare you question us!" This mentality applies only to a select few faculty/staff, specifically from the guidance department, medical department, administration and teachers. This status is evident by an undetermined number of parents who have chosen to remove their children from Southern Berkshire Regional School District for various reasons.

Obviously, this status does not apply to the outstanding teachers and administration that have dedicated their lives to providing an outstanding education to all students. This letter was not intended to infringe upon the many wonderful and positive experiences parents and students have enjoyed over the years. However, this does not diminish negative experiences parents and students have encountered.


Ashley Falls


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