Belvedere foes are damaging Lenox

Friday June 15, 2012

I've lived in Lenox 35 years and am embarrassed at times to tell people because of the bad publicity caused by 20 people. The "Belvedere" is there, not as ugly as they want it to seem, and it actually cleaned up an unsightly spot of Kennedy Park.

It was built following due process and with approval from the people elected by the majority of residents to oversee all town matters. Maybe they could have looked more closely to some aspects of it, but life is a continual learning process. We should learn from it and move on.

If you disagree with town decisions, you have every right to seek office to improve our town. I think any caring citizen would voice their rightful opinions, seek to prevent future disagreements on matters of public interest, but would not burden the town by futile litigation. If anyone places items on a town structure, whether it be a walkway, lamp post, belvedere, or whatever, they should be charged for damaging property, even if it be temporarily.

I've learned to love Lenox and think you have humiliated our town enough! If you don't love it, you are free to leave it. You are not helping tourism, the town's image, or our financialy stability.




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