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PITTSFIELD — On a snowy evening at the Bousquet Ski Area, the Berkshire County Alpine skiing regular season came to an end as the Lenox girls and Wahconah boys teams finished off strong seasons.

Lenox's Ella King was the top overall finisher, completing her run with the fastest time of any girl or boy, racing to a 30.86 second time. The Lenox girls put five skiers in the top 10, finishing with a 130.13 team time and earning their fourth straight overall victory and a league championship. Monument finished second (139.64), followed by Wahconah (156.43). Monument's Micaela Bartlett (31.81) and Pittsfield's Ali Williamson (31.90) finished second and third, respectively.

Taconic's Cody Latimer was the top finisher for the boys, finishing in 31.20 seconds, however Drew Dunham (31.27) and the Wahconah team finished first overall with a 130.03 team time, clinching the league championship. Pittsfield finished second (132.16), followed by Lenox (137.36) and Taconic (140.29). Pittsfield's David Manfield finished third in 31.43 seconds.

"What I'm most proud of as a coach, is we're going to send a team [to the state meet] and that hasn't been done in a long time," Lenox coach Greg Knight said. "We're sending five girls to states and two boys. That says a lot about our team. ... We're young and we're deep."

King said that the shortened season affected the team's performance early on, but once the weather became more conducive to skiing, practice time increased, leading to improved team chemistry and performance.

"It was really just a matter of getting on snow," she said of winning four straight races. "We've been racing a lot for Tri-State on the weekend, and it's been nice to be together as a team and to support each other more. As the season went on we had a little more time on snow and were a little more focused, to know what we had to do to get the results we wanted."

While Dunham did not finish first in the final race of the season, he did finish five points ahead of his good friend Latimer in the season standings. The duo, along with Dunham's teammate Brecken Burke, have battled for the top spot throughout the season, making for a healthy competition between the racers.

"We joke around a lot. We always say, one of us can be first and one of us can be second," Latimer said. "It's all in good fun. We don't trash talk or anything. We've been friends for a long time."

Latimer added that dealing with the falling snow affected his vision slightly, but he still managed a strong run.

The Warrior boys earned their third straight win and fifth of six races. Coach Jill Johnson said she knew she had a strong team, but with limited time on the snow, winning the league title was far from guaranteed.

"I think they're all a little floored that they've won [the league]," she said. "Going into [the season] everyone knew we had a stacked team, but we had very limited time on the snow. Every run they took in practice or in the snow, I said give it 150 percent every time they went out there."



Wednesday's Top 5 finishers — 1. Cody Latimer (T) 31.20, 2. Drew Dunham (W) 31.27, 3. David Manfield (P) 31.43, 4. Kyle Brogan (W) 31.65, 5. Devon Atwell (L) 32.61

Top 5 overall regular season finishers — 1. Drew Dunham (W) 95, 2. Cody Latimer (T) 90, 3. Brecken Burke (W) 85, 4. Conner McNinch (L) 76, 5. Andrew King (L) 71.

Wednesday's team results — 1. Wahconah 130.03, 2. Pittsfield 132.16, 3. Lenox 137.36, 4. Taconic 140.29, 5. Monument Mountain 141.24, 6. St. Joseph 2052.18.

Final regular season team standings — 1. Wahconah 59, 2. Lenox 53, 3. Pittsfield 49, 4. Monument Mountain 41, 5. Taconic 38, 6. St. Joe 30.


Wednesday's Top 5 finishers — 1. Ella King (L) 30.86, 2. Micaela Bartell (MM) 31.81, 3. Ali Williamson (P) 31.90, 4. Alexa Daigle (L) 32.88, 5. Taylor Knight (L) 32.92.

Top 5 overall regular season finishers — 1. Ella King (L) 99, 2. Ali Williamson (P) 95, 3. Micaela Bartell (MM) 93, 4. Taylor Knight (L) 79, 5. Alexa Daigle (L) 78.

Wednesday's team results — 1. Lenox 130.13, 2. Monument Mountain 139.64, 3. Wahconah 156.43, 4. Taconic 157.32, 5. Pittsfield 158.44.

Final regular season team standings — 1. Lenox 58, 2. Monument Mountain 56, 3. Wahconah 47, 4. Pittsfield 40, Taconic 39.

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