Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

Sunday May 23, 2010

May 10-14 Adams

Francis E. Martin and Margaret A. Martin sold property at 16 Dubis St., Adams, for $120,000 to Alfred L. Whelan Jr. and Doreen F. Whelan.

Frances A. Beake sold property at 2-8 Allen St., Adams, for $132,500 to Patrick D. Soucy.

Paula J. Meczywor and Robert N. Kurley sold property at 113 Commercial St., Adams, for $45,000 to Jeffrey W. Baran, Amanda T. Zieminski and Michelle R. Perrier.

Joan E. MacTavish sold property at 99-101 Friend St., Adams, for $35,000 to Kathleen A. Babeu and Mark P. Babeu.

James A. Gomeau, Jeanne E. Gomeau and Jeanne E. Little sold property at 8 Anthony St., Adams, for $123,000 to Justin D. Martel and Jessica J. Martel.

John Lenhoff and CMJ Realty Trust sold property at 15 Second St., Adams, for $121,000 to Michael T. Tyler.


Warren D. Nadel and Katherine W. Nadel sold property at 183 Luce Road, Becket, for $525,000 to Ann C. Sullivan.

Lynne S. Labonbard and Lynne S. Labombard sold property at 16 Little Robin Road, Becket, for $20,000 to Jacqueline Flynn.


John J. Koza and Jana H. Koza sold property at 35 Hampshire Drive, Cheshire, for $275,000 to William A. Rech and Michele C. Rech.


Sarah A. Frenkel and Sarah A. Charland sold property at 80 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Dalton, for $410,000 to Shannon Tara Miller.

Patricia A. Harris sold property at 70 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Dalton, for $255,000 to Sarah A. Frenkel.

Sheila A. Pia sold property at 60 North St., Unit 18, Dalton, for $132,500 to Cindy B. Forgang.

Great Barrington

Robert Quattrochi and RKQ Nominee Realty Trust sold property at Crissey Road, Great Barrington, for $125,000 to Robert F. Holcomb and Jane A. Holcomb.

Christopher R. Riddle sold property at 11 Blue Hill Road, Great Barrington, for $287,500 to Paul S. Greene and Melissa Greene.


Betty Ann Dahl sold property at Beaver Pond Meadows, Unit 1022, Hancock, for $232,000 to Eric Glaberson and Joyce Glaberson.


Philip Giusti, Laura J. Giusti and Laura Giusti sold property at 266 Ashmere Road, Hinsdale, for $133,000 to George M. Klemm.


Craig A. Kibbe and Ann-Marie Kibbe sold property at 580 South Main St., Unit 3, Lanesborough, for $75,000 to Virginia A. Pancotti.


William F. Paone sold property at 455 Marble St., Lee, for $139,000 to Navneet Kumar Pathak and Alka a.k.a. Alka Pathak.

Rita M. Palmer and Kathleen Ann Moser sold property at 300 Fairview St., Lee, for $280,000 to Allyce J. Najimy and William "Smitty" Pignatelli.

Bank Of New York Mellon, trustee, and BAC Home Loans Servicing LP sold property at 271 East St., Lee, for $160,000 to Daniel Antoniazzi.


David B. Ruch and Judith L. Ruch sold property at 180 Walker St., Lenox, for $520,000 to Elizabeth F. Weinberg and Milton P. Mott Jr.


Douglas Babbit and Victoire Dumont sold property at 14 Royal Hemlock Road, Monterey, for $430,000 to Luca Nencetti and Zazie Schafer.

North Adams

Deborah L. Bliss sold property at 23 A St., North Adams, for $122,650 to Gregory S. Lebeau and Jamie Burdick.


Onesto Properties Group LLC sold property at 968 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, for $185,000 to Jennifer Glass and Gabriel Ortiz.

JFB Enterprises LLC sold property at 28 Yorkshire Ave., Pittsfield, for $295,000 to Yorkshire Avenue LLC.

Greylock Federal sold property at 241 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield, for $145,000 to Melissa K. Gogan.

U.S. Bank National Association, Wells Fargo Bank NA, sold property at 38 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, for $62,900 to Paula Pravia and Charles A. Shaw.

Gleb V. Jerebtsov and Ann V. Zolotuho sold property at 5 Hurley Drive, Pittsfield, for $120,000 to Jeanne E. Little.

Betty J. Ragsdale sold property at 261 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, for $15,000 to Gregory E. Race.

Jennifer M. Deacon sold property at 44 Watson St., Pittsfield, for $83,000 to Linda S. Rock.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. and Veterans Affairs USA sold property at 103 Cromwell Ave., Pittsfield, for $123,900 to Sarah M. Palanjian.


Mark E. Bachetti sold property at Hulett Hill Road, Sheffield, for $60,000 to Brian L. Bachetti.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank sold property at 856 Barnum St., Pittsfield, for $155,000 to Brian J. Dulin and Alicia J. Powers.

Judith Lasky and Richard Lasky sold property at 779 West Road, Sheffield, for $292,500 to Jane Laning Majdalany.

Nature Conservancy sold property at 1786 Undermountain Road, Sheffield, for $20,000 to Marilynn Simon McMennamin.


Wells Fargo Bank National Association, trustee, sold property at 3 Willard Hill Road, Stockbridge, for $285,000 to L. Paul Lindenmaier and Margaret A. Lindenmaier.


Kevin G. Burtt and Carol Jean Burtt sold property at 69 George Cannon Road, Tyringham, for $365,000 to John R. Fitzgerald.


David J. Doerring and Eileen M. Doerring sold property at 189 Stratton Road, Williamstown, Unit J2, for $136,500 to Heather A. Lomax.

Williamstown Savings Bank sold property at 285 Sand Springs Road, Williamstown, for $120,000 to Eileen M. Steele and Steele Nominee Trust.

Nancy V. Fournier, Peggy J. McNicol and Elizabeth A. McNicol sold property at 50 Walnut St., Williamstown, for $145,000 to Lauren R. Stevens, trustee of Lauren R. Stevens Trust.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust


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