Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

Sunday May 9, 2010

April 26-30


HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. sold property at 97 Columbia St., Adams, for $41,500 to Brian D. Skiff and Colleen A. Skiff.

Melissa J. Dupee, Melissa J. Hall and Melisa J. Dupee sold property at 35 Summer St., Adams, for $65,000 to Mark S. Jordan and Kathleen J. Jordan.

James J. Sisto and Three Bees Realty Trust sold property at 10 School St., Adams, for $72,500 to Stacey L. Sprague.

Patricia A. Folino and Williams Family Realty Trust sold property at 116 Commercial St., Adams, for $90,000 to John J. Strauser and Minetta M. Strauser.


Nancy Norberg, Nancy Rupert and Francis J. Roche sold property at Green River Road, Alford, for $125,000 to Robert Sterling and Faith Sterling.


Richard A. Laveault and Katharine M. Laveault sold property at 268 Devonshire Drive, Cheshire, for $265,000 to Scott William Campbell and Jaime Rose Campbell.


Timothy J. Kearns and Allison L. Kearns sold property at 1017 South St., Dalton, for $130,000 to Megan B. Herrick.

Great Barrington

Mary Ellen Daly and William J. Daly sold property at 6 Haley Road, Great Barrington, for $515,000 to Jack Crance and Patricia A. Dooley.

Louis E. Ely and L.E. Ely sold property at 18 Wyantenuck St., Great Barrington, for $185,000 to Jeremy Vandeusen and Crystal Vandeusen.


Anthony Rufo and Anthony C. Rufo III sold property at 145 George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, for $215,500 to Andrew B. Cavanaugh.


Michael A. Lavigne sold property at 670 State Road, Lanesborough, for $60,000 to Paul L. Lavigne Jr.

Louis J. Bilka Jr. sold property at 147-149 Narragansett Ave., Lanesborough, for $110,000 to Laurie J. Galok and Paul J. Galok Sr.

Bruce W. Burke sold property at 122 Silver St., Lanesborough, for $435,000 to Bethany J. King and Shea King.

Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield sold property at 17 Juleann Drive, Lanesborough, for $150,000 to Emily N. Jester and Benjamin W. Truskowski.


Alma R. Maley, Gerald P. Mooney and Shannon L. Clark sold property at 114 Housatonic St., Lee, for $225,000 to Bronwyn C. Hertz.

Sawmill Realty Inc. sold property at 114 Pine St., Lee, for $240,000 to Erik J. Tondreau and Allison B. Cook.

Timothy S. Laudon and Christa Laudon sold property at 55 Chestnut St., Lee, for $58,000 to Rebecca A. Sutton-Heath and Richard A. Heath Jr.


Roy L. Hammond sold property at 21 High St., Lenox, for $94,353 to Christy A. Hammond.

James R. Prince and Kathleen A. Prince sold property at 586 East St., Lenox, for $161,500 to Kathryn A. Stevens.

North Adams

Cynthia E. Lewis sold property at 243 Union St., Unit 403, North Adams, for $262,500 to Mary M. Lum.

Williamstown Savings Bank sold property at 129-131 East Quincy St., North Adams, for $45,000 to MJT Holding LLC.

Robert W. Iacuessa sold property at 62 Tyler St., North Adams, for $108,000 to Deborah R. Sprague.

Roberta M. Ferrara, Lynn M. Gilman, Kathi A. Armstrong and Lisa Prevey sold property at 49 Willow Dell, North Adams, for $40,000 to Shelley A. Cristofolini and Martin C. Cristofolini.


Thomas F. Bartini, Anne M. Bartini, Dayton F. Delorme and Sharon A. Delorme sold property at 130 Leonard Road, Otis, for $480,000 to Paul Nestro and Kirsten L. Nestro.

Veronica O'Brien and David P. O'Brien sold property at 14 Ryan Lane, Otis, for $125,000 to Joshua R. Lagrant and Lisa H. Lagrant.


Louis J. Kuch Jr. Nominee Trust and Louis Kuch sold property at 106 Sunset St., Pittsfield, for $182,000 to Brett Leonas.

Charles J. Cardillo sold property at 798 and 814 East St., Pittsfield, for $114,500 to Joseph A. Cardillo.

Shirley M. Eichelser sold property at 46 State St., Pittsfield, for $122,500 to Heidi M. Stimpson.

Louis S. Socha Jr. and Gerianne Warner sold property at 500 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, for $147,000 to Sherri Lynn Harris.

Anthony L. Stankiewicz and Peter A. Stankiewicz sold property at 15 Adelaide Ave., Pittsfield, for $146,000 to Joanna C. Arkema.

Susan I. Holden, Sheila E. Toomey, Stephen C. St. Peter, sold property at 252 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, for $149,900 to Michael Alan Trova.

Ruth E. Nieves and Joseph A. Nieves sold property at 30 Thomson Place, Pittsfield, for $159,000 to William M. Moncy.


Judith L. Mesler sold property at 6 Bridge St., Richmond, for $137,500 to William D. O'Leary and Deborah M. Godfrey-O'Leary.


Wells Fargo Bank National Association, HSBC Bank USA National Association, trustee, and Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2005- sold property at 513 Polikoff Road, Sheffield, for $175,000 to Ryan J. Shimmon and Kathryn A. Effler.

Thomas L. Eisenberg sold property at 166 Berkshire School Road, Sheffield, for $225,000 to Tiffany S. Mooney and Michael R. Ramella.


Thomas B. Sherman and Elizabeth A. Sherman sold property at 15 Christian Hill Road, Stockbridge, for $420,000 to Helen Costello.


Jana Vilner sold property at 151 Cross Place Road, Washington, for $285,000 to Julius Neudorfer and Clarice Neudorfer.


Williamstown Savings Bank sold property at 189 Stratton Road, Unit A1, Williamstown, for $118,000 to Richard D. Jones and Deborah A. Jones.

Lenore Gardner Freeman sold property at Luce Road, Williamstown, for $57,000 to Karen A. Pellegrini and Robert W. Kampe.

Gina M. Coleman and Michael C. Mongue sold property at 730 Pine Cobble Road, Williamstown, for $545,000 to Williams College President and Trustees.

Williams College President and Trustees sold property at 1587-1589 Green River Road, Williamstown, for $375,000 to Joseph C. Bergeron III.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust


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