Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

Sunday, Aug. 30

Aug. 17-21 Adams

Cynthia A. Shepard and Cindy A. Shepard sold property at 1 East Walnut St., Adams, for $175,500 to Derek M. Wells and Kristin L. Wells.

Aurora Loan Services LLC sold property at 11-13 Temple St., Adams, for $40,000 to Wayne Arnold.

Ingrid E. Lewis sold property at 5 Summer St., Adams, for $160,000 to John R. Sherman Jr.

Joan E. Rivers sold property at 17 Haggerty St., Adams, for $165,000 to Joseph P. Berry and Blossom U. Berry.

Robert J. Tomkiewicz sold property at West Maple Street, Adams, for $47,500 to Debra J. Alibozek and James F. Alibozek.


Isabel S. Lovesky Irrevocable Trust, David Lovesky, trustee, and Gary Lovesky, trustee, sold property at 34 Sitting Bull Drive, Becket, for $285,000 to Stuart D. Feigenblatt and June Feigenblatt.

Great Barrington

Janet B. Rohrbacher sold property at 37 Cottage St., Great Barrington, for $240,000 to Lee Damsky.


Gertrude Derby, Gertrude M. Derby and Sherman Derby Sr. sold property at 196 Main St., Hancock, for $85,000 to Edward J. Derby.

Stephen K. West, Lon Gilbert West, Lori West Sullivan, Stephen Hart and Roger Hart sold property in Hancock for $100,000 to Silverleaf Resorts Inc.


Paula Ulmer sold property at Robinson Road, Hinsdale, for $50,000 to Herbert W. Ulmer and Carolijn C. Ulmer.


Berkshire Omega Corp. sold property at Hollow Road, Lanesborough, for $75,000 to Hollow Road Development Corp.


Kiwanis Club Of Lee Massachusetts Inc. sold property at 145 Orchard St., Lee, for $280,000 to Michael A. Monti and Shannon Donovan-Monti.

Douglas Rydell and Carol Rydell sold property at 280 Mandalay Road, Lee, for $275,000 to Brian A. Mooney and Rebecca A. Guartha.

Robert B. Trask and Donna L. Trask sold property at 185 Theresa Terrace, Lee, for $310,000 to Zhivago Velasco and Marcie A. Velasco.


Laurie E. Knepper sold property at 21 Reynolds St., Lenox, for $480,000 to Stephen A. Alsdorf and Lisa B. Nelson.

Sean P. Porter and Jennifer C. Porter sold property at 301 Old Stockbridge Road, Lenox, for $427,500 to Christian Selke.

Helen Fink Revocable Trust Agreement, Milton Fink, trustee, and Helen Fink, trustee, sold property at 323 West Mountain Road, Lenox, for $429,000 to Martin Bloomfield and Judith Bloomfield.

Mazel LLC sold property at 12 Highcrest Road, Unit 17, Lenox, for $575,000 to Schwartz Twelve Oaks Nominee Realty Trust and Robert Schwartz.


Robin Pappo and Stanley Pappo sold property at Route 23, Monterey, for $45,000 to John W. Gassett and Jacqueline E. Jones.

Joanne B. Simms sold property at Old Beartown Mountain Road, Monterey, for $89,250 to Mary M. McGoff and Maricela Salas.

North Adams

Aurora Loan Services LLC and Goodman Dean Inc. sold property at 51 Rand St., North Adams, for $21,000 to Shelley A. Cristofolini and Martin C. Cristofolini.

Carol M. Thorner sold property at 11-13 Holbrook St., North Adams, for $118,500 to Raymond H. Dushaney Jr.

Brian T. O'Grady sold property at 10 Charles St., North Adams, for $98,000 to Shereen R. Girard.


Thomas Scarola and Suzanne L. Scarola sold property at 76 Louden-Bethlehem Road, Otis, for $229,600 to Marianne Reni Erdos.


Robert W. Ropelewski, Lorraine Marie Guerino and Nancy Anne Pierce sold property at 36-38 Kent Ave., Pittsfield, for $30,000 to Donna M. Albano.

Carlo Fusini sold property at 998 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, for $114,000 to Berta Realty LLC.

Wells Fargo, Barclays Capital Real Estate Inc. and Servicing Homeq sold property at 100 Second St., Pittsfield, for $27,500 to Berkshire Neighborhood Development Partners Inc.

Charles F. Stewart and Linda M. Stewart sold property at 152 Churchill St., Pittsfield, for $200,000 to Brad Stewart and Sara Stewart.

Morton Wayne, Robert B. Wayne, Judith A. Wayne, Gwendolyn S. Wayne and Gwendolyn Wayne sold property at 397 Partridge Road, Pittsfield, for $182,000 to Rhetta M. Jaeschke and Charles P. Wandrei.

Thomas J. Mathews and Thomas Mathews sold property at 12-14 Laurel St., Pittsfield, for $85,000 to Peerayot Moummano Sr. and Tammy L. Moummano.

Naomi J. Nichols and Daniel A. Amato sold property at 1003b North St., Building A, Unit 2, Pittsfield, for $90,000 to Carrie Lynn Saldo.

Linda Pisiewski sold property at 373 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, for $112,000 to Ronald J. Smith and Donna M. Smith.

Ronald J. Smith and Donna M. Smith sold property at 6 Bossidy Drive, Pittsfield, for $110,000 to Jason M. Smith.

Bruce L. Dasho, Dennis H. Dasho and Burton Perch sold property at 111 Partridge Road, Pittsfield, for $180,000 to Thomas H. Shepard Jr. and Elizabeth T. Shepard.

Barbara A. Collins, Raymond M. Janas and Joseph T. Janas sold property at 328 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, for $90,000 to Bartola I. Orellana.

Marie Guertin Fedoryshyn sold property at 98 Wilson St., Pittsfield, for $106,500 to Lisa A. Betkoski.


Jamie A. Jangrow and Mary-Kay Jangrow sold property at 168 Main Road, Savoy, for $220,000 to Erik D. Jangrow and Amie M. Knox.


Ethel E. Hitchcock sold property at 1501 Home Road, Sheffield, for $150,000 to Steven B. Massey.

James E. Bugley and Kimberly A. Bugley sold property at 153 Hillside Lane, Sheffield, for $397,250 to Wayne R. Wilcox and Jennifer Reardon.


Alberni Holdings Inc. sold property at Heron Pond at Stockbridge Condominiums, Unit 2M, 26 East St. and 2 Wallace Road, Stockbridge, for $190,000 to Teri Ralston.

West Stockbridge

Christian D. Goodwillie, Erika L. Sanchez and Erika Sanchez Goodwillie sold property at 7 Stockbridge Road, West Stockbridge, for $308,000 to Mary Catherine Nihart.


Michael J. Samson, Michael Joseph Samson, Samson Family 2005 Revocable Trust and Ingrid Vanniekerk sold property at 10 Summer St., Williamstown, for $310,000 to Douglas Rydell and Carol Rydell.

Marci L. Senzon sold property at 128 Stratton Road, Williamstown, for $588,000 to Orion M. Howard and Lisa Y. Howard.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust


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