Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

Sunday June 10, 2012

May 14-18


Carl W. McKinney sold property at River Road, Clarksburg, to Joseph J. and Paula J. Benoni for $40,000.


Berkshire Building & Dev. sold property at 347 East Housatonic St., Dalton, to Steven A. Stengl for $225,000.

Peter W. and Lorelei J. Gazzillo sold property at 58 Falls Brook Terrace, Dalton, to David A. and Julie-Mae Cammer for $358,000.

Steven A. and Cindy M. Stengl sold property at 87 Frederick Drive, Dalton, to Marc C. Vincelette for $276,000.

Marc C. Vincelette sold property at 49 Hale St., Dalton, to Lorelei J. Gazzillo for $210,000.

David C. and Rosalind A. Greb sold property at 25 Pleasantview Drive, Dalton, to Peter W. Gazzillo for $183,000.

Great Barrington

Bradley A. and Pamela L. Horn sold property at 105 Alford Road, Great Barrington, to Helen L. Mullany for $210,000.


Bonnie L. and John P. Jones sold property at 750 East St., Lee, to Frank J. and Jennilyn Roger for $218,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 41-43 Robert St., Lee, to Berkshire Fund Inc. for $68,500.


Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 82 Golden Hill Road, Lenox, to Ross D. Jolly and Susannah K. Millonzi for $160,000.

North Adams

George A. and Anna Parrino sold property at 17 Beacon St., North Adams, to Christopher J. and Sallye S. Sadlocha for $92,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 549 Church St., North Adams, to Emily A. Breen for $72,000.

Mary A. Culpo sold property at 51 George Ave., North Adams, to Michael A. and Ruth J. Martin for $131,000.


Kevin and Jacqueline Wyman sold property at 307 Stanley Road, Otis, to Nils R. and Yvonne A. Sandell for $1,350,000.


USA HUD sold property at 55 Allengate Ave., Pittsfield, to Three Bees RT and James J. Sisto for $52,500.

Chris J. Martini sold property at 20 Beacon Ave, Pittsfield, to Christopher S. Munson for $62,800.

Anna S. Bedard sold property at 44 Bernard Ave., Pittsfield, to David R. Moro for $150,000.

Margaret L. Fields sold property at 2 Cobble Stone Cove, Pittsfield, to Thomas J. Meyer for $225,000.

Donald W. and Robert K. George sold property at 37 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Centennial Realty Holding for $900,000.

Ellen G. Merritt sold property at 109 Gamwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael T. and Kristin M. Eagan for $164,000.

Joanne M. Cimini and Mary L. Volin sold property at 39 Meleca Ave., Pittsfield, to Steven C. Rogers and Meaghan A. Young for $161,000.

Linda J. Kabaniec sold property at 66 Shore Drive, Pittsfield, to Robert A. Watkins for $384,000.

Tanya M. Grillon sold property at 68 Somerset Ave., Pittsfield, to Todd M. and Melissa J. Hurley for $165,000.

Timothy J. and Daniel E. Callahan sold property at 1525 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Maurice E. Callahan for $50,000.

John C. and Helen Dallenbach sold property at 51 Wellesley St., Pittsfield, to Joanne V. Soules for $209,000.


Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 2986 State Road, Richmond, to Paul T. Giardina for $100,000.


Thomas A. Hyman and Margie Petersen-Hyman sold property at 2-A Glendale Road, Stockbridge, to Peter D. Hogan for $230,000.

Alec and Marcia Demos sold property at 14 Yale Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Karen E. Sayers for $492,500.


Mary K. Michel and US Bank NA sold property at 25 Longview Terrace, Williamstown, to Bear Stearns Asset Backed and US Bank NA for $172,648.

Christopher S. Warren and Amy Johns sold property at 975 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Kim Gutschow for $184,000.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2012 by The Warren Group.


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