Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions


May 27-30


Michelle M. Mercier sold property at 109 East Road, Adams, to Brian R. and Tammy Lagess, $155,000.

David M. Aitken sold property at 8-1/2 Orchard St., Adams to Stephany A. Onorato, $115,000.

Ronald W. and Richard J. Carpenter sold property at 1-3 Quality St., Adams, to Jeffrey R.

Mullen, $152,000.

Joseph J. Rogge and Elizabeth L. Sweet sold property at 23 Randall St., Adams, to Jamie J. Rogge, $100,000.


Harry C. & Elizabeth Russell sold property at 200 Goodwin Road, Becket, to Patrick Timmons & Karen Burzdak $585,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 36 Pine St., Dalton, to Joshua Kilmer, $118,500.

Richard F. & Judith M. Ladd sold property at 89 Tower Road, Dalton, to Harry C. & Elizabeth Russell, $255,000.

Gary A. Fitzroy and James R. Fitzroy sold property at 96 Depot St., Unit A, Dalton, to Michael R. Sullivan & Whitney C. Stengl, $99,000.

Great Barrington

Tate B. Donovan sold property at 135-a Hurlburt Road, Great Barrington, to Eileen D. Duane, $206,000.

Natversinh C. Mahida sold property at 47 North St., Great Barrington, to Jose A. Lopez-Lucas, $260,000.

Steven R. Adams sold property at 225 Oak St., Great Barrington, to Julianna Spallholz, $205,000.


VS LLC sold property at 9 Park Drive, Lanesborough, to Bruce D. and Heather M. Kruczkowski, $220,000.

Lillian Brandwein Estate and David Brandwein sold property at Williamstown Road, Lanesborough, to Joseph R. and Lisa A. Trybus, $15,000.

Evelyn Robinson sold property at 721 Williamstown Road, Lanesborough, to Ronald P. Armstrong, $80,000.


David B. Slosek and Michelle A. Kobbs, Personal Reps. of the Est. of Dori L. Slosek, sold property at 60 Parkview Terrace, Lee, to Justin Osak and Brittany Kergaravat, $215,000.


Leon J. & Estelle M. Laster sold property at Rolling Hills, Building 7, Unit 2, Lenox, to Ethan S. Klepetar, Trustee of Wolcott Nominee Trust, $150,000.

New Marlborough

Greylock FCU sold property at 112-116 Hatchery Road, New Marlborough, to Danielle M. Smith, $221,650.

North Adams

Kimberly A. St. Pierre sold property at 33 Bryant St., North Adams, to Darlene M. Nopper, $122,000.

Marshall St. Holdings LLC sold property at 25 Marshall St., North Adams, to Mass. Museum Of Contemporary Art, $325,000.

Teton Management Corp. sold property at 128 Pleasant St., North Adams, to Michael P. and Carrie Laird, $155,000.


Langston R. & Amy A. Jones sold property at 23 Easton Ave. Pittsfield, to Kyle D. Marquis & Antoinette N. Esposito, $162,500.

Teton Management Corp. sold property at 82 Turner Ave., Pittsfield, to William D. Kenneally & Debra A. Charles-Kenneally, $66,000.

Heather A. Bartini, Pamela O. Scutt & Virginia M. Scutt sold property at 111 Melbourne Road, Pittsfield, to Matthew J. Drury, $173,000.

Robert M. & Amber L. Bertolino sold property at 43 Bellmore Drive, Pittsfield, to John J. DiNicola, $232,500.

John J. Gaylord and Judith Ann Hancox, Personal Reps. of the Est. of John Jay Gaylord, sold property at 105 Bushey Road, Pittsfield, to Jorge Riva Portocarrero, $155,000.

Dane R. & Michele Matthews sold property at 10 Edison Ave., Pittsfield, to Angela M. Bruseghini, $125,000.

Matthew D. Pictrowski sold property at 29-31 Fenn St., Pittsfield, to R. Becca Britt, $137,000.

Modular Building Systems Inc. sold property at 21 Hawthorne Ave., Pittsfield, to Joshua J. & Caitlyn M. Rahilly, $126,900.

Sarah Ann DeJesus sold property at 47 Harris St., Pittsfield, to Sean M. Riedinger and Kimberly M. Leab, $97,500.

Mark A. Livsey sold property at 322 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Michael Marran, $132,500.

Tobie Newman sold property at 4 Onota Lane, Unit 1, Pittsfield, to Daniel C. Righi, $150,000.

KAJA Holdings LLC sold property at 193 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to City of Pittsfield, $28,400.

Peter J. & Jeanne E. McBride, Trustees of McBride Family Nominee Trust, and Patricia A. Provenzano, sold property at Ridge Avenue, Pittsfield, to David M. & Lorena Coggins, $185,000.

Bruce D. & Heather M. Kruczkowski sold property at 4 Garland Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher P. Campoli, $153,500.

David J. & Jessica E. Wehry sold property at 31 Hopewell Drive, Pittsfield, to Angela M. Hakkinen, $114,000.

Peter J. & Jeanne E. McBride, Trustees of McBride Family Nominee Trust, and Patricia A. Provenzano sold property at 104 Ridge Ave., Pittsfield, to John P. Giglio and Cheryl A. Bianco, Trustee of Bianco Landscaping Nominee Trust, $338,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union and Daniel J. Healy III sold property at 64-66 Circular Ave., Pittsfield, to Federal National Mortgage Assn., $60,753.97.


Thomas Ratigan sold property at 94 S. Main St., Sandisfield, to Carl W. Bartow, $15,000.


Ali A. Winston sold property at 59 Main St., Sheffield, to Scott FT and Hulbert L. Scott, $749,000.

Leonard A. Graziano sold property at 370 Shunpike Road, Sheffield, to Ali A. Winston, $350,000.


Donald B. Coleman sold property at 5 Housatonic Court, Stockbridge, to Beatrice Dietmann and Mary F. Walters, Trustees of Riverbend Realty Trust, $140,000.


Alphonse Albano sold property at Summit Hill Road, Washington, to Mountain Stream Inc., $55,000.

West Stockbridge

Julianna Spallholz sold property at 2 Moscow Road, West Stockbridge, to Elizaveta Gomberg, $285,000.


Walter Schrenck Szill Estate and Susan S. Gramatges sold property at 22-26 Pleasant Place, Williamstown, to Markus H. Burnes and Christine W. Burns, $194,500.

Claire M. and George F. Angeli sold property at 189 Stratton Road, Unit C2, Williamstown, to Barbara A. Jennings, $130,000.

Michael B&P J Ronan RET and Michael B. Ronan sold property at 24 Thistle Path, Unit 24, Williamstown, to Cheryl L. Small RET and Cheryl L. Small, $284,000.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2014 by The Warren Group. The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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