Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions


May 5-9


Paula M. Nassif sold property at Pill Drive, Becket, to John S. & Shirley A. Vachula, $30,000.

Mitchell I. Greenwald, Executor of the Estate of Barbara W. Stuhlmann and as Trustee of the Barbara Stuhlmann Revocable Trust of 2002, sold property at 483 Suriner Road, to Crispina Swindlehurst, $55,000.


Amigo Properties Inc. sold property at 120 Cross Road, Clarksburg, to Casey C. Cooke, $119,900.


Lara F. Miller, Trustee of the Patricia A. Marcella Revocable Trust, and Francis A. Marcella Jr., Personal Rep. of the Estate of Patricia Ann Marcella, sold property at 45 Pleasant St., Dalton, to David A. Filippi Jr. and Jennifer L. Filippi, $144,400.


Carol B. McNeil sold property at 5 Curtis St., Hinsdale, to Nichole Juliano, $53,000.


Greylock FCU sold property at 11 Profile St., Lanesborough, to Joseph A. Renzi, $40,000.


Wayne T. Larrivee, Trustee of the 55 Pease Terrace Nominee Trust, sold property at 55 Pease Terrace, Lee, to Thomas J. Spies and Dana Beugless-Spies, $312,500.

TD Bank N.A. sold property at 915 Pleasant St., Lee, to H.D.C.B. LLC, $200,000.

Lee Homer LLC sold property at 550 Mallard Lane, Lee, to Roy J. & Geri L. Liemer, $835,364.

Mychal Shove d/b/a Cut-N-Edge Property Maintenance sold property at 280 Pleasant St., Lee, to Cameron W. & Nicole S. Brooks, $115,000.


William Moloney sold property at 22 Reynolds St., Lenox, to Judson B. Reece and Lisa Fox, $217,000.

North Adams

John and Christala Christopher sold property at 65 Hall St., North Adams, to Robert V. Malloy, $46,000.

Red Tepee LLC sold property at 2350-2370 Mohawk Trail, North Adams, to R&C Arrowhead LLC, $275,000.


Edward J. Daly sold property at 1548 Algerie Road, Otis, to Karen D. Fink, $205,000.


Camille P. Nugai sold property at 21 Perrine Ave., Pittsfield, to Eric J. & Sandra L. Trimble, $98,000.

Christopher A. Colello sold property at 22 Lakeway Drive, Pittsfield, to Shruti & Kirti Basil, $102,500.

Susan M. Halpin sold property at 20 Dodge Ave., Pittsfield, to Timothy J. Hammerle Jr., $140,000.

Peter H. & Robin R. Flipse sold property at 1083-1085 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to Javier Claudio Fernandez & Alicia M. Mamani, $135,000.

Dennis G. & Elizabeth M. Lockyer sold property at 78 Glory Drive, Pittsfield, to Leonard W. & Diane M. Light, $465,000.

Greenwich Investors XXVI LLC sold property at 123 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to Gabriela E. Leon, $86,900.

PNC Bank NA & James M. Cooney sold property at 26 Pembroke Ave., Pittsfield, to PNC Bank NA, $106,803.33.

Kelly A. Clady-Giramma sold property at 55 Concord Parkway, to Kevin G. & Amy T. Higgins, $242,500.


Heather J. Tomich sold property at 274 Bunce Road, Sheffield, to Alex B. Jamieson, $220,000.


Joan Steinberg sold property at 44 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, to Warren Hildreth Humphreys, $485,000.

Stephen M. & Cynthia Krigsman sold property at 34 Glendale Road, Stockbridge, to Joseph W. & Susan P. Bubenas, Trustees of the Joseph W. Bubenas Revocable Property Trust and the Susan P. Bubenas Revocable Property Trust, $670,000.


Metamorphosis Land Design sold property at 11-13 Meadow St., Williamstown, to Vincent P Guntlow IRA and Equity Trust Co., $335,000.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2014 by The Warren Group. The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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