Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions


March 24-28


Stacey L. Haas sold property at 10 School St., Adams, to Nathan J. and Stephanie L. Poirot, $80,000.


Tami M. Henery, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Hilda F. Runz, sold property at 15 Mallard Drive, Becket, to John E. Hall Jr. and Amanda L. Shove, $123,000.

Philomena S. Goodwin sold property at Goodwin Road/Route 8, Becket, to Barbara A. Engels, $64,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 3194 Main St., Becket, to David & Irene McCusker, $39,000.


Richard H. and Susan R. Burdsall sold property at 105 Baldwin Hill Road, Egremont, to Donald E. Marcus and Elizabeth W. Mulligan, $772,500.

Great Barrington

CBS Service Corp. sold property at 80 Brush Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Matthew G. Donald, $135,000.


Jon Hogue sold property at Main Road, Hancock, to Andrew D. and Kelsey Shaw, $27,500.


Robert N. & Beth M. Belkin sold property at 166 Pine Cone Lane, Unit 10, Hinsdale, to Alan B. & Josie Lee, $310,000.

Todd M. Driscoll sold property at East Washington Road, Hinsdale, to Matthew S. Cormier, $55,000.


Paul W. O’Brien and Paul J. Cote sold property at 15 Goodell Road, Lanesborough, to Dean I. and Dotinda H. Shaw, $217,500.


Stephanie & Molly Bea Ferioli sold property at 43 Sunshine Ave., Lee, to Julia Roginsky, $238,000.


John F. Roosa sold property at 169 Housatonic St., Lenox, to Robert E. Dus, Lisken Van Pelt Dus and Shana A. Bryce, $135,000.

Claudia Sacchi, Anna Maria Enrica Bertoletti sold property at 25 Galway Court, Lenox, to Jeremiah & Christa Ames, $395,000.


James M. Sartori and Lee Bank sold property at 95 Main Road, Monterey, to Lee Bank, $63,000

North Adams

Timothy Koloc and Nationstar Mortgage LLC sold property at 108 Brooklyn St., North Adams, to FNMA, $128,541.

Iris Management LLC sold property at 57 Davenport St., North Adams, to Aaron A. Brigham, $135,000.

Anthony H. Israel sold property at 363 Eagle St., North Adams, to Doone C. Mackay, $80,000.


Arlene Satenspiel sold property at 109 Sequena Drive, Otis, to Steven M. Tillem & Aimee A. VanDyne, $385,000.


John W. & Linda T. Franchebois sold property at 25 Filomena Drive, Pittsfield, to George A. III & Andrea C. Schaller, $305,000.

Richard P. Quintero sold property at 350 Merrill Road, Pittsfield, to Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, $229,947.09.

Mark Alfonso Jr. & Katherine J. Alfonso sold property at 97 Dorchester Ave., Pittsfield, to Carlton A. Blake, $163,000.

Cherolyn J. Najimy sold property at 10 Atlantic Ave., Pittsfield, to Stacey M. Brorup, $112,500.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 30 Sheffield St., Pittsfield, to Andrew & Kimmarie Tinney, $129,900.

Cory S. & Helen M. Potts, Trustees of the Helen M. Potts Family Nominee Trust, sold property at 815 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Paul A. Farella & Samantha R. Kalisz, $153,000.

Deborah A. Brown sold property at 152 Bromback St., Pittsfield, to Jerome & Susan Hudak, $141,500.

Stephen P. Mendel sold property at 484 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Jill A. McCann & Christopher L. Callahan, $169,000.

Diana L. Kinoy sold property at 52 Thomson Place, Pittsfield, to Jana L. Bergins-Laiz, $133,500.

Christopher M. Johnson & Cynthia A. Richard sold property at 47 Loumar Drive, Pittsfield, to Matthew H. Hill and Amanda E. Bettis, $242,000.

Gilda Houldsworth sold property at 103 Dickinson Ave., Pittsfield, to Dennis Messana, $25,000.

Angela M. Bruseghini sold property at 71 Adelaide Ave., Pittsfield, to Joseph E. Jennings, $162,500.

Joseph Paul Burke, Trustee of Sunset Nominee Trust, sold property at 53 Sunset St., Pittsfield, to Nancy L. Stevens and Harriet E. Stevens, $149,000.

Andrea C. Schaller & George A. Schaller III sold property at 20 Endicott St., Pittsfield, to Wayne A. Shepherd, $147,750.

Greylock Federal Credit Union and Karen Jo Sicotte sold property at 36 Sunset St., Pittsfield, to Paul F. Rodhouse Jr. and Cheri R. Rodhouse, Trustees of P & C Rodhouse Nominee Trust, $46,000.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. and Caroline Bonnivier sold property at 12 Egremont Ave., Pittsfield, to Walter K. Belcher, Trustee of WKB Real Estate Investment Trust, $74,000.


Crystal D. Soldan Estate and Jeanne A. Kent sold property at 66 Lower West St., Sandisfield, to George A. and Tina M. Mcdowell, $120,000.


Janet P. Gilligan LT and Janet P. Gilligan sold property at 353 Miller Ave., Sheffield, to Stephen M. Greenspan and Laura Zah, $4,493.


Norman O. Charbonneau sold property at 44 Church St., Stockbridge, to WMC Holdings LLC, $315,000.

J. Stevens & Shirley Blanchard sold property at 11 Prospect Hill Road, Unit B, Stockbridge, to Harriet K. Fulton, $500,000.


JSW Enterprises LTD sold property at Goose Pond Road, Tyringham, to Craig W. & Kyle M. DeSantis, $65,000.

West Stockbridge

Henry B. Hosmer Estate and John G. Brooks sold property at 30 Austerlitz Road, West Stockbridge, to Leslie J. Klein, $1,000.

Drew S. Beinhacker sold property at 27 West Alford Road, West Stockbridge, to Aviva and Tracy Romm, $325,000.


Robert B. and Stephanie K. Santore sold property at 93 Bee Hill Road, Williamstown, to Kevin M. and Sarah Holland, $645,000.

Broad Meadows LLC sold property at 25 Longview Terrace, Williamstown, to Paul and Brianna Heggeseth, $262,500.


Leonard Prica sold property at Crane Road, Windsor, to Patricia S. and Timothy T. Crane, $22,500.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2014 by The Warren Group. The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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