Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions


July 8-12


Robert J. and Robin L. Latson sold property at 1 High St., Adams, to Adams Community Bank, $120,431.


Matthew L. and Amanda T. Zieminski sold property at 920 Sand Mill Road, Cheshire, to Matthew L. Zieminski, $50,000.


Crane & Co. Inc. sold property at 401 South St., Dalton, to Ashuelot Park LLC, $875,000.

Winthrop F. Wyckoff sold property at 60 Dalton Division Road, Dalton, to Virginia C. Caulk, $138,000.

Great Barrington

Andrew R. and Elisabeth R. Humes sold property at 263 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Lynn A. Hutchinson, $700,000.

Home Town Properties LLC sold property at 318 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Jack Mitchell and Claire Leblanc, $215,000.

Darryl and Elizabeth Austin sold property at 224 Oak St., Great Barrington, to James R. Driscoll and Livia D. Lorenzana, $177,000.

Arthur S. Keyser and Ellen J. Karmer sold property at 9 Rose Court, E Unit 9, Great Barrington, to Lee Trak Inc., $239,900.

Lynn A. Hutchinson sold property at 64 Sumner St., Great Barrington, to Ann E. Novick, $245,000.


William N. and Janice M. Shirley sold property at 499 South Main St., Lanesborough, to LCI LLC, $330,000.


Patricia A. Lester, personal rep. of the Estate of Mary Hasko, sold property at 137 Center St., Lee, to Joseph F. Sorrentino Sr., Joseph F. Sorrentino Jr., Frank Sorrentino, and Michael Sorrentino, $50,000.

Michael L. Streiter and Judith N. Streiter sold property at 880 East St., Unit 500A, Lee, to John and Daniela Guido, $295,000.


Christian Selke sold property at 301 Old Stockbridge Road, Lenox, to Maxwell L. Gates, trustee of the Rusty Gates Nominee Trust, $650,000.

Vivien Elmslie sold property at Meadow Lane, Building 9, Unit 2, Lenox, to Barry L. Gomez and Sharon A. Gomez, $122,500.

Alexander S. Kloman and Danielle A. Dyer sold property at 23 Taconic Ave., Lenox, to Margot Y. Hutchinson and Alan G. Billingsley, $330,000.

AnnSheila Turkel, trustee of the Annsheila Turkel Revocable Trust, sold property at 2 Frothingham Crossing, Lenox, to Robert A. White and Shirley Fondu, $309,000.

U.S. Bank NA, trustee, sold property at 43 High St., Lenox, to Clint A. Foreman, $194,000.

Jeffrey A. Yeager and Laura H. Rotenberg sold property at 4 Melville Court, Lenox, to Teresa Menendez, $795,000.

New Marlborough

Spiegelman FT and Charlotte Spiegelman sold property at 43 Pine St., New Marlborough, to Matthew G. Hipwell, $104,500.

North Adams

Robert S. and Carol Colantuono sold property at 132 Barth St., North Adams, to Jordan R. Degrenier and Aaron J. Rennell, $145,000.

R E & S L Cote RET and Richard E. Cote sold property at 167 Phelps Ave., North Adams, to Alan J. and Dawn Lampiasi, $130,000.


Crandall Inc. sold property at 1873 East Otis Road, Otis, to BJT Holdings LLC, $90,000.

James P. Kelly and Suzanne M. Kelly sold property at 319 Lake Shore Road, Otis, to Michael and Elena Moran, $464,500.


Eleanor Chaneles Ware sold property at Demont Avenue, Pittsfield, to Lucy A. Infante, $4,000.

Cesarina D. Balardini, Luciano Balardini, Gina Casino and Dalia Podavini sold property at 10 Crosier Ave., Pittsfield, to Kimberly C. Huska, $107,000.

Steven K. Hannum sold property at 408 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicholas J. and Jennifer Harrington, $155,000.

Robert D. and Dawn E. Paterson sold property at 19 Elmview Terrace, Pittsfield, to Thomas J. and Amanda Lee Martin, $210,000.

Brian C. and Jessica L. Swiers sold property at 22 Williamsburg Terrace, Pittsfield, to Donna J. Swiers, $138,000.

J. Peri Campoli, trustee of the Pines at Bousquet Mountain Nominee Trust, sold property at 54 Alpine Trail, Unit 15-C, Pittsfield, to Suzanne S. Chung, $406,875.

Mary L. Dolan, personal rep. of the Estate of Cecilia Louise Mastalerz sold property at 115 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Benjamin T. Hunter, $149,025.

James J. and Jennifer E. Summers sold property at 138 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to Maureen A. Phillips and Brian J. Finn, $270,000.

Michael F. D’Amore, Maryann Welch and Nancy Battaini sold property at 49 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Paul C. and Theresa M. LaCasse, $118,000.

Edward A. and Randie S. Berman sold property at 27 Aspen Way, Unit 25, Pittsfield, to Gordon and Antigone Merritt, $445,000.

William R. Hermanski, Tracy L. Wechter, Lorrie A. Wechter, Roger F. Wechter, James J. Hermanski and Patricia E. Kirchner sold property at 106 West Union St., Pittsfield, to Michael H. Hermanski, $30,000.

Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency and Lisa L. Kickery sold property at 282 Linden St., Pittsfield, to Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, $25,075.

Roseann A. Paris sold property at 141 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Marylou MacDowell, $108,500.

Anil K. Dewan and Barbara L. Dewan, trustees of the Anil K. & Barbara L. Dewan Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 450 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Berns R. Mimnaugh, $222,500.

Valerie J. Nackoul sold property at 37 Pollock Ave., Pittsfield, to John M. Noyes & Cherie J. Whitney-Noyes, $239,000.

Perry D. Cetti and Michelle M. Cetti sold property at 695 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Adam C. Kirby and Silvana M. Kirby, $385,000.

Peter Chadwick sold property at 515 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Keith S. Taylor and Sandra M. Perachi-Taylor, $220,000.


Jeanne Kes sold property at 33 Hemlock Road, Richmond, to Janet L. Taylor, $165,000.


Weston M. Hicks and Ann L. Hicks, trustees of the Weston M. Hicks Qualified Personal Residence Trust and the Ann L. Hicks Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold property at 14 Maple Lane, Stockbridge, to Michael A. Eck and Elizabeth D’Ottovio-Eck, $1,230,000.


Richard R. Nystrom sold property at Birch Road, Washington, to The Nature Conservancy, $8,000.00


Morton and Evelyn Slapin sold property at 55 Thornliebank Road, Williamstown, to Eric J. and Christine L. Enderle, $320,000.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2013 by The Warren Group.

The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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