Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions


June 24-28


Interstate Investment Group LLC sold property at 135 Commercial St., Adams, to Thomas A. Livsey, $86,000.

Richard C. Sanderson and Kathryn A. Torrenti sold property at 62 Fisk Road, Adams, to Adam Schneider, $102,500.

James P. Phillip and Edith B. Johns sold property at 10 North St., Adams, to Kathryn E. Tufano, $159,500.


Mary I. Winn sold property at Quarry Hill Road, Becket, to Robert P. & Mary Ann Broden, $18,000.

David M. Guarducci and Catherine P. Blankenship sold property at Dimmock Road, Becket, to Lawrence A. and Carolyn B. Caplik, $67,500.


Nancy A. and Elisa C. OMalley sold property at 30 Arnold Court, Cheshire, to Denise J. Dus, $130,000.


US Bank NA Tr sold property at 120 Cross Road, Clarksburg, to Amigo Properties Inc., $45,000.

Christopher J. Plankey and Residential Credit Solut sold property at 501 North Eagle St., Clarksburg, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $178,192.


Joanne M. Diefendorf, executrix of the Estate of Kathleen Doreen Plant, sold property at 35 Judith Drive, Dalton, to Vincent J. Cantarella, $96,000.

Thomas A. and Gail L. Burgner sold property at 777 Dalton Division Road, Dalton, to Roger W. LaRocca III and Alison G. LaRocca, $275,000.

Chadwick A. and Christine E. Kasten sold property at 135 North Mountain Road, Dalton, to Jeannette M. Liu, $417,000.

Judith S. Heinrich and Gary A. Studley, trustees of the Studley Family Nominee Trust, sold property at 193 East St., Dalton, to Wayne L. Studley, $123,500.

Great Barrington

David M. Vigneron and Rachel Alter sold property at 166 Castle Hill Ave., Great Barrington, to David M. Vigneron and Nina Echegaray, $455,000.

Josephine Mallory sold property at 15 Commonwealth Ave., Great Barrington, to Dylan S. Woods, $275,000.


Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at Calvin Place, Hinsdale, to Gregory J. and Karen M. Tonelli, $4,400.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at Old Windsor Road, Hinsdale, to Benjamin T. and Rebecca L. Melle, $2,200.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to David J. Duquette, $1,100.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at New Windsor Road, Hinsdale, to David J. Duquette, $21,000.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to Wayne M. and Tammy M. Poirier, $9,350.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at Smith Road, Hinsdale, to Mark J. and Laureen M. Hauge, $1,100.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to Michael F. McNeil, $11,000.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at Old Creamery Road, Hinsdale, to Mark D. McIlquham, $13,750.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to Paul Morgan, $660.

Town of Hinsdale Treasurer sold property at Middlefield Road, Hinsdale, to Wayne M. and Tammy M. Poirier, $550.


Thomas L. Therrien Jr., personal rep. of the Estate of Robert Alexander Therrien, sold property at 96 Railroad St., Lee, to Keith C. ONeil, $87,000

Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 17 Greylock St., Lee, to Liv DeAndrea, $87,000.


Allegrone Homes Inc. sold property at 754 East St., Lenox, to Neal A. and Hillery Maxymillian, $900,000.

Thomas M. and Valerie G. OConnor sold property at 26 West St., Lenox, to Adrian E.J. Elliot and Ailsa H. Colbert, $392,000.

Michi Wexler, trustee of the Michi Wexler Revocable Trust, sold property at 83 Pine Knoll Road, Lenox, to Clifford M. and Jeanine A. Flynn, $377,500.

North Adams

Timothy A. and Ellen L. Kaiser sold property at 65 Chestnut St., North Adams, to David Mason, $168,500.

Randy Ehrhart sold property at 19 Church St., Unit 2, North Adams, to John H. Novak, $28,000.

Christine M. Brooks sold property at 111-113 Church St., North Adams, to Eric J. and Michelle D. Penza, $200,000.

Anne L. Devio sold property at 153 Corinth St., North Adams, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $56,065.

US Bank NA sold property at 63 Montgomery St., North Adams, to Michael Jackson and Tracy Kelleher, $11,000.

Christine M. Brooks sold property at 55 Quincy St., North Adams, to Eric J. and Michelle D. Penza, $200,000.

Samuel S. and Lynda L. McClendon sold property at 775 West Shaft Road, North Adams, to Roy P. Soucie, $95,000.

Michael W Hutchinson RET and Michael W. Hutchinson sold property at 46 Woodlawn Ave., North Adams, to Griffin T. and Justine L. Rougeau, $165,000.


Henry L. Kozloski and Maria C. Kozloski sold property at 93 Stebbins Road, Otis, to Craig A. Westcott and Kenly E. Brozman, $313,500.


Carol A. Martin sold property at 69 Marcella Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher A. Clark and Renee C. Desaulniers, $110,000.

Dennis J. and Mary J. Layden sold property at 142 Chapel St., Pittsfield, to Robert M. Czerwinski, $225,000.

Karen Giroux and Susan Penella, personal reps. of the Estate of Frances B. Carmon, sold property at 97 Gamwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Joshua R. Tierney and Lauren E. Robinson, $144,500.

Daniel C. Guachione sold property at Rear to 1446 West St. and west side of Brickhouse Mountain Road, Pittsfield, to Commonwealth of Massachusetts, $191,000.

Shirley Ann LaRoche, personal rep. of the Estate of Helen M. Clark and James Vernon Clark, sold property at 276 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Thien C. Vu and Kimxuan T. Vu, $90,000.

Theodore R. Hadley sold property at 276 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Christine A. Grandfield, $107,000.

Micah A. and Shana M. Powell sold property at 50 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, to Jeffrey and Keri LaPorte, $232,000.

Kim Marie Raftery sold property at 65 Emerson Ave., Pittsfield, to Ryan Allen and Victoria A. Davis, $152,900.

Sarah K. Huntington sold property at 70 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael J. Albano, $3,500.

Linda G. Klemanski, trustee of the Frances P. Klemanski Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 630 Hancock Road, Pittsfield, to Theodore R. Hadley and Estela C. Bacarro, $200,000.

John E. Cheney sold property at 107 Spadina Parkway, Pittsfield, to David J. Grant, $200,000.

Shiela S. Harrington and Donald R. Lagueux sold property at 287 Columbus Ave., Pittsfield, to Mario B. Albano, $85,000.

Kelton M. Burbank, executor of the Estate of Evelyn M. Burbank, sold property at William Street, Pittsfield, to Bruno and Mary Ann Quinson, $275,000.

Kellie Hamling sold property at 348 Cloverdale St., Pittsfield, to Sharron A. Bugbee, $109,000.

Betty B. O'Neil sold property at 29 Greenway St., Pittsfield, to Matthew S. Rennie, $100,000.

Clifford M. Flynn Jr. & Jeanine A. Flynn sold property at 14 County Court, Pittsfield, to Micah A. and Shana M. Powell, $300,000.

Michael J. & Katherine A. Kerin sold property at 82 Roselyn Drive, Pittsfield, to Carlos A. & Yuri J. Hernandez, $184,500.

James W. Wetherell & Laura S. Breen sold property at 101 Elberon Ave., Pittsfield, to Wade T. Poplaski & Marie A. Tiffany, $170,500.

Nathan Adams sold property at 21 Strong Ave., Pittsfield, to Amy Toller, $135,000.

Nicholas B. Lennon and Jameson Lennon sold property at 84 Oakhurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Elizabeth Lennon, $22,000.

Ruey R. Wu & Betty C. Wu sold property at 63 Roberta Road, Pittsfield, to Lawrence H. & Denise L. Grebert, $240,000.


David J. Antoniazzi, trustee of the Antoniazzi Nominee Trust, sold property at 19 Christian Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Rachel Alter, $262,500.


Marjorie Chamberlain Trust and Marjorie Chamberlain sold property at 25 Linden St., Williamstown, to David R. and Rebecca Tucker-Smith, $403,635.

Keith S. and Theresa M. Lepicier sold property at 253 North St., Williamstown, to Nathan L. and Carol L. Leblanc, $143,000.

Edward B. Burger sold property at 277 Syndicate Road, Williamstown, to David Z. Finch and Erica Howard, $329,000.

FT Family Trust

LLC Limited Partnership

LT Life Trust

NT Nominee Trust

RET Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2013 by The Warren Group.

The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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