Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

Sunday January 27, 2013

Dec. 31-Jan. 4


Charles E. and Donna J. Poulton sold property at 157 Friend St., Adams, to Kaitlin E. Calderara and Robert G. Barrett, $110,000.


Danforth Healthcare Inc. and Pittsfield Cooperative Bank sold property at 83 Curtis Ave., Dalton, to 1307 North Street LLC, $260,000.

Stanley R. and Candyce A. Little sold property at 9 Franklin St., Dalton, to Roberta J. Stewart, $149,000.


Joseph A. and Erica L. Schneider sold property at 96 Mount Washington Road, Egremont, to Donald J. and Sarah T. Schneider, $6,300.

Great Barrington

Brian Schwab sold property at 16 Knob Hill, Great Barrington, to Christopher D. Noth, $1,485,000.

Steven and Helice R. Pichney sold property at 15 Seekonk Road, Great Barrington, to Mary J. Kephart, $360,000.


AJT RT and Thomas E. Touponce sold property at Forest Street, Lee, to Jon J. Scapin and Stacy Horomanski, $311,541.

AJT RT and Thomas E. Touponce sold property at 190 Housatonic St., Lee to John and Deidre Scapin, $308,951.

RT Knight Real Estate Inc. sold property at 105 Laurel St., Lee, to Norway RT and Kevin H. Knight, $1,420,000.


Church St. Holdings LLC sold property at 34 Church St., Unit 1a, Lenox, to Ferelle Realty LLC, $750,000.

Lenox Woods at Kennedy Park NT and Peri Campoli sold property at 2 Evergreen Trail, Unit 2, Lenox, to Kathryn A. Cafiero, $379,500.

North Adams

Candice G. Dickey and Ryan W. Auge sold property at 723 Church St., North Adams, to Carver Family Dentistry PC, $275,000.

Robert D. Siciliano FT and Robert D. Siciliano sold property at Margery Street, North Adams, to Michael A. Milazzo, $4,000.


Fredric S. and Barbara S. Wilson sold property at 164 Great Woods Road, Otis, to William S. and Doreen A. Hoddinott, $92,500.


Diana M. Brewster sold property at 226 Appleton Ave., Pittsfield, to Carol A. Marchesi, $77,550.

Kaybb NT and Thomas J. Hamel sold property at 61 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert S. Rapant, $229,000.

Arthur J. Soldato sold property at 71 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael R. Candilore, $167,500.

Tatyana A. Gorsel sold property at 141 Bushey Road, Pittsfield, to Joshua M. McFarlin, $199,000.

Kate Rickard sold property at 29 Commonwealth Ave., and 4 Onota Lane, Unit 8, Pittsfield, to 56-60 Bartlett Avenue NT and Alan J. Righi, $550,000.

Rutholive Patashnick sold property at 28 East Mill St., Pittsfield, to Scott L. and Rutholive Patashnick, $200,000.

Sarah V. Brophy sold property at 1941 East St., Pittsfield, to Hector J. Cotto-Rosa and Michayra Hernandez-Rents, $142,500.

Paul R. and Deborah W. Cuthbert sold property at 25 Glory Drive, Pittsfield, to Andrew A. and Tatyana A. Gorski, $320,000.

Vox Communications Group sold property at 211 Jason St., Pittsfield, to Gamma Broadcasting LLC, $225,450.

Murray S. Escott FT and Edward J. Escott sold property at 33 Lakecrest Drive, Unit 33, Pittsfield, to David and Lynn Pravda, $320,000.

Rutholive Patashnick sold property at 698 North St., Pittsfield, to Scott L. and Rutholive Patashnick, $200,000.

Gertrude A. Corl Estate and Alexander M. Corl sold property at 375 Onota St., Pittsfield, to Alexander M. Corl, $128,400.

Vox Communications Group sold property at West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Gamma Broadcasting LLC, $83,675.

Rutholive Patashnick sold property at 121 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Scott L. and Rutholive Patashnick, $200,000.

Geeenspan FT and Alma Greenspan sold property at 8 Walden Lane, Pittsfield, to Robert and Barbara Lagergren, $205,000.

Nancy A. and Mary B. O'Malley sold property at 37 Whittier Ave., Pittsfield, to Gary S. and Deborah M. Miller, $127,000.


WMA Realty Partners LLP sold property at 197 Adams Road, Williamstown, to BHS Management Services Inc., $2,500,000.

Carol Pepper Estate and Joel Krinitz sold property at 62 Charles St., Williamstown, to Peter Greenwald, $126,000.

Bernard and Harriet P. Cohen sold property at 46 Lower Windflower Way, Unit 46, Williamstown, to G. Cleave Carter RET and Gertrude C. Carter, $228,000.

Narula Realty LLC sold property at 295 Main St., Williamstown, to Krishiv LLC, $740,000.

Nancy Maier sold property at 18 Windflower Way, Unit 18, Williamstown, to Anne H. Crider RET and Anne H. Crider, $250,000.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2013 by The Warren Group.


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