Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions for the week of June 23-27


June 23-27


Elizabeth Linzey sold property at 28 East Orchard Terrace, Adams, to Todd F. O'Neil, $164,000.

Michael A. and Michelle K. Lesage sold property at 161 Friend St., Adams, to Michelle A. Filiault, $144,000.

Norman S. Haas sold property at 19 Mill St., Adams, to Derek J. Davis, $85,000.

Lorraine Sigsbury and Robert Wojcik sold property at 5 Mountain View Drive, Adams, to Norman A. and Colleen M. Leitch, $150,000.

Mark E. Cyrulik and Kondaur Capital Corp. sold property at 11 Quaker St., Adams, to Kondaur Capital Corp., $74,800.


Stephen E. & Joan M. Sabol sold property at 21 Lady Lucille Drive, Becket, to Mark A. & Denice L. Stoughton $220,000.


Laurie J. Chittenden sold property at 129 Eastview Drive, Cheshire, to Lindsay J. Chittenden, $190,600.


Louise H. Frankenberg sold property at 147 Patricia Ave., Dalton, to Bruce P. & Margaret J. Lederman, $400,000.


Bertha H. Schiller Trust and Eugene A. Schiller sold property at Savoy Road, Florida, to Christodora Inc., $39,625.

Bertha H. Schiller Trust and Eugene A. Schiller sold property at 65 Savoy Road, Florida, to Mass. Comm. Conservation & Recreation, $200,375.

Great Barrington

Carli and Carli M. Karin sold property at 230-1/2 Grove St., Great Barrington, to Krista E. Kennedy, $230,000.

William J. and Robert J. Siok sold property at 372 North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to James B. Schumacher and Tina E. Sweet, $189,000.

CMR NT and Harold C. Shaw sold property at 7 Round Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Richard Tilles and Dana Kiyomura, $300,000.

Swann RT and Clover Swann sold property at Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, to Mass. Land Conservation Trust Inc., $190,000.


Lawrence L. and Angela A. McNaughton sold property at 9062 Mountainside, Unit 9062, Hancock, to Christopher T. and Wendy B. Rackley, $325,000.


Norman A. and Colleen M. Leitch sold property at 33 Bridge St., Lanesborough, to Adam J. Girard, $220,000.

Deborah M. and Ralph M. Levy sold property at 10 Katherine St., Lanesborough, to Margaret L. Tseung, $510,000.

FNMA sold property at 94 Summer St., Lanesborough, to Angela T. Avanzato and James A. Leclair, $169,000.


Luis & Stephanie Leguia sold property at 10 Meadow St., Lee, to William Baas and Donna Kim, $150,000.

Steven A. & Barbara Weber sold property at 880 East St., Unit 8D, Lee, to Lawrence J. & Stacy L. Zeller, $350,000.

Michael R. Hopsicker sold property at 55 Marble St., Unit 9, Lee, to David E. Filip and Lorraine Skutka, $190,000.

Rachel L. Krawet and Jerome F. Errico sold property at 174 Mill St., Lee, to Jessie L. Pearson, $220,000.

Robert Kay sold property at 25 West Pine St., Lee, to Richard D. & Cindy J. Clapper, $142,500.


Cory M. Evangelisto and Brendan M. Walsh sold property at 14 Patterson Road, Lenox, to Christopher W. Prew and Kristie Lockenwitz, $230,000.

New Marlborough

Anthony J. Scala Sr. Estate and Anthony J. Scala sold property at 187 Stratford Road, New Marlborough, to Gary B. and Hillarie R. Budoff, $1,125,000.

North Adams

Marcia A. and Mark D. Bailey sold property at 40 Central Ave., North Adams, to Kelly M. Esposito, $157,000.

RSP Properties LLC sold property at 92 Hospital Ave., North Adams, to Shawn T. Enos, $132,000.

Ciempa Investment Co. LLC and Adams Community Bank sold property at 72-74 North Holden St., North Adams, to Adams Community Bank, $35,000.

Michael K. Crews sold property at 507 Union St., North Adams, to Jennifer L. Martin, $110,000.

Michael Kline Estate and Christine M. Kline sold property at 180 West Main St., North Adams, to Great Expectations Rental, $14,500.


Stephen W. Barker, Trustee of the Sugarhouse Road Nominee Trust, sold property at 548 Monterey Road, Otis, to Bruce A. Barry and Jennifer N. Barry, $60,000.

Bruce Smith and Laurie Smith, Trustees of the Lois Smith Revocable Trust and Laurie Smith, Trustee of the Duryea Smith Revocable Trust, sold property at 245 Clubhouse Drive, Otis, to Patrick & Jessica G. Hynes, $260,000.

Lee Bank and Jorge Suarez sold property at 199 North Main St., Otis & Sandisfield, to Lee Bank, $153,000.


Robert H. Moore sold property at 13 David Drive, Peru, to Jason P. & Tina S. Willey, $180,500.

Carol Lee Simisky sold property at 7 Garnet Mountain Lane, Peru, to TD Bank, N.A. $66,260.61.


Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 125 Deming St. Pittsfield, to Fred C. Chittenden Jr., $60,000.

Deborah P. Francis sold property at 36 Dan Ave., Pittsfield, to Sunil K. Ramineni, $224,900.

Linda M. Green, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Angelo P. Panetti, sold property at 16 Spencer St., Pittsfield, to Wengang & Ashley E. Fei, $98,000.

Stephen P. MacDonald sold property at 38 Essex St., Pittsfield, to Valentina Litvinova, $186,000.

Michael W. Hilburn and Carla F. Gamarra-Hilburn sold property at 216 Fort Hill Ave., Pittsfield, to Rebecca L. Miller and Lori L. Donnelly, $360,000.

Marie A. Fedoryshyn and Annette M. Guertin sold property at 233 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, to Steven J. Fitzgerald, $130,900.

Todd A. Burdick sold property at 24 Evelyn Park, Pittsfield, to Gerald B. & Claire W. O'Connor, $145,000.

Jamie C. Moore sold property at 106 Lafayette St., Pittsfield, to Alton M. & Lisa L. Driver, $223,500.

Carrol A. Patin and Cindi L. Goldman-Patin sold property at 324 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Matthew & Leanna R. Pegorari, $249,900.

Annette M. Crane, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Dorothy M. Crane, sold property at 233 Lebanon Ave., Pittsfield, to Paul A. Keane, $167,000.

Darrin W. Artioli sold property at 39 Stoddard Ave., Pittsfield, to Paul S. & Linda L. Durfee, $60,000.

Bryan W. & Sandra D. Tynan sold property at 44 Stanley Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert B. Tynan, $100,000.

Philip K. Hooker and Anne W. Hooker, Trustees of the Charles P. Hooker 1996 Revocable Trust, sold property at 68 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Michael R. and Lisa P. Stoddard, $265,000.

Edward J. Spence, III, Trustee of the DNC Nominee Trust, sold property at 54 Wendell Ave., Unit 205, Pittsfield, to Smith Realty LLC, $48,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 1 Maloney St., Pittsfield, to Madison Ave. LLC, $25,000.

Robert W. Kubica and Toni Ann Kubica sold property at 29 Joseph Drive, Pittsfield, to Danielle D. Cardoso, $195,000.

C. Robert Librizzi sold property at 113 Deming St., Pittsfield, to Quincey J. Sobczyk, $90,000.

William J. Carter Jr., Betty Harrison, Nancy E. Olson, Philip J. Carter and David B. Carter sold property at 1389 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Alan B. Welch, $140,000.

Rita J. Burns sold property at 68 Stearns Ave., Pittsfield, to Jessica C. Cowdrey, $85,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union and Colleen Doran sold property at 163 Partridge Road, Pittsfield, to Berkshire Building & Development LLC, $87,000.


Sarah Konikowski and Claudia Weiman sold property at 175 New Hartford Road, Sandisfield, to Roger Ball, $292,320.


Donald L. Kurley Estate and Sebastian Malmestrom sold property at 96 Main Road, Savoy, to Sean Taylor, $20,000.


Donald J. and Nancy E. Perry sold property at 1335 and 1339 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, to Timothy O. Handlowich, $265,000.

Francis M. Garretson sold property at 1152 Barnum St., Sheffield, to Stephen and Amanda Nesis, $1,035,000.

Todd Dudley and Michelle Baxter sold property at 75 Clayton Road, Sheffield, to Village Mortgage Co., $3,186,335.

Jonathan Deming Estate and Mary E. Deming sold property at 284 Clayton Road, Sheffield, to Mark Deming, $60,000.

FHLM sold property at 59 County Road, Sheffield, to Jennifer M. Smith, $131,500.

Denise B. Riiska sold property at 202 Hillside Lane, Sheffield, to John D. and Kathleen H. Wood, $275,000.

Arlene E. Santana sold property at 59 Maple Ave., Sheffield, to Boris W. and Teena Metternich, $515,000.

West Stockbridge

Antonio W. Pieropan Estate and Albert L. Pieropan sold property at Swamp Road, West Stockbridge, to Craig A. McDowell and Bryn C. Davis, $1,400.


Jeffrey A. Kurpaska and Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 530 Main St., Williamstown, to Greylock Federal Credit Union, $258,000.

Edward A. Epping and Peggy Diggs sold property at 1097 Main St., Williamstown, to Gage C. and Wendy B. McWeeny, $705,000.

FNMA sold property at 767 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Andrew P. Giarolo and Laura E. Day, $264,000.

David H. Backus and Wendy E. Raymond sold property at 261 Pine Cobble Road, Williamstown, to Williams College, $507,950.

Wendy B. and Gage C. McWeeny sold property at 196 Southworth St., Williamstown, to Williams College President & Trustees, $467,300.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2014 by The Warren Group. The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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