Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Jan. 4-8


Jan. 4-8


Eugene J. and Leslie N. Johnson sold property at 4 Edmunds St., Unit M301, Adams, to Frederick S. Hobart, $210,000.

Barbara D. Bennett sold property at 31 Gilead St., Adams, to Hunter E. Brockway, $102,400.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, and Joanne A. and Kevin L. Martin sold property at 117 Friar Tuck Drive, Becket, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, $133,186.48.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Ellen Lepotakis sold property at 72 Norwich Drive, Dalton, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $113,053.71.

Michael C. and Dana J. Ohman sold property at 235 East Housatonic St., Dalton, to Anthony M. Anastasio, $167,500.

Benjamin J. and Michelle E. Tyer sold property at 1079 Main St., Dalton, to Patricia R. Faber, $175,000.

Amy E. Chapman FKA Amy C. Muldowney sold property at 169 Pleasant St., Dalton, to Richard A. and Amanda L. Kmetz, $185,000.

Raymond F. Jr. and Tara Ferrin sold property at 59 Carson Ave., Dalton, to Greylock Federal Credit Union, $123,375.21.


Alexis P. and Suzanne A. Silitch sold property at 52 Central Shaft Road, Florida, to Sarah J. Maclennan, $215,000.

Great Barrington

Marguerite B Gulick FT and Donald W. Gulick sold property at 770 Main St., Great Barrington, to Guido's Realty Inc, $375,000.


Vincent T. Guntlow sold property at 2631-a Hancock Road, Unit 2, Hancock, to Leo E. and Colleen B. Laviolette, $108,000.


Homeworks Construction Co. Inc. sold property at 579 West Road, Lee, to Ryan W. Molloy and Trisha L. Bowie, $125,000.

Ronald J. Nickerson sold property at 1295 Cape St., Lee, to Peter J. and Erin E. Markavage, $125,000.

Cornerstone LLC sold property at 579 West Road, Lee, to Homeworks Construction Co. Inc., $80,000.


Michael W. Farris sold property at 18 Golden Hill Road, Lenox, to Greylock Federal Credit Union, $95,801.

Adams Community Bank sold property at 333 West Mountain Road, Lenox, to Halley C. Cimini, $160,000.

Bousquet Management Incorporated Inc. sold property at 4 Evergreen Trail, Unit 4, Lenox, to Mark S. Buddle, $359,000.

New Marlborough

Virginia M Palfini IRT and Cynthia Duryea sold property at 493 Adsit Crosby Road, New Marlborough, to Scott S. Mackenzie, $25,000.

Sandra R. and Jay H. Levine sold property at 21 Hartsville Mill River Road, New Marlborough, to Eric J. Robertson, $430,000.

North Adams

David A. and Patricia B. Willette sold property at 65 Gallup St., North Adams, to Myles H. and Margaret A. Whitney, $120,000.


Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at Becket Road, Otis, to Jonathan Fishbaum, $45,000.

Rachel Sirwatka FKA Rachel Holland sold property at 1329 Monterey Road, Otis, to Robert J. McMahon and Jeanne L. Randorf, $45,000.


John C. Hashim, Personal Rep. under the Will of June F. Hashim, sold property at West Street, Pittsfield, to Fred E. and Andrea D. Mensch, $350,000.

Eleanor B. Dietrich sold property at 1081 West St., Pittsfield, to Dana M. St. Pierre and Amy L. Huebner, $179,750.

Teton Management Corp. sold property at 69-71 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to TNR LLC, $40,000.

Nelson Belot sold property at 8 Cove St., Pittsfield, to Kyoung Kim, $47,500.

US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee, sold property at 40 James St., Pittsfield, to Raymond L. Sr. and Gail E. Grandchamp, $105,000.

Irene F. Ropelewski, Mary Ellen Ropelewski FKA Mary Ellen Sondrini and Thomas S. Ropelewski sold property at 36-38 Kent Ave., Pittsfield, to Donna M. Albano, $30,000.

Therese Beiso sold property at 46 Broadway, Pittsfield, to Stuart A. and Elizabeth J. Racine Lambert, $100,000.

Daniel F. and Joan A. DeSantis sold property at 7 Cobblestone Cove, Pittsfield, to David G. and Donna L. Tripp, $147,000.

Jeffrey T. and Kenneth M. Lichtenberg sold property at 112 Brookside Drive, Pittsfield, to David Wasuk, $194,500.

Modern Mold & Tool Inc. sold property at 1995 East St. and 15 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, to Silver Street Realty LLC, $1,155,000.

Charlotte H. Cote, Trustee of 139 Deming Street Nominee Trust, sold property at 139 Deming St. and Caladonia Street, Pittsfield, to Woodland Excavation Corp., $120,000.

Brian J. Donovan sold property at 98 Wilson St., Pittsfield, to Cate Wolff, $110,000.

Vanessa M. Lasher sold property at 100 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to Gary A. and Dianne C. Brazee, $108,500.

Heather and Colin Zimmer sold property at 26 Overlook Road, Pittsfield, to Amy Chapman, $160,000.

Richard P. Gangell sold property at 279 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Heidi L. Gangell, $118,000.

Paul R. Therrien sold property at 388 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Mark R. Sinopoli, $121,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 17 Westminster St., Pittsfield, to Manuel and Maria Saldana, $24,900.

Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity Inc. sold property at 187 Francis Ave., Pittsfield, to Vera St. John, $135,000.

Pittsfield DMP IX LLC sold property at West Housatonic Street, Pittsfield, to MDC Coast 2 LLC, $1,641,301.87.

John E. Welsh III and Fiduciary Trust Co. International, Trustees of the Marcia and Elizabeth Morrell Trust, sold property at 118 Windsor Ave., Pittsfield, to Lea M. Cudworth, $106,500.

One Hundred Eighty-Eight East Street Associates LLC sold property at 166 East St., Pittsfield, to SRG Realty LLC, $458,750.


James W. and Deborah M. Evans sold property at 21 Lake Road Ext., Richmond, to Jay M. and Karen J. Dean, $273,000.


Henry J. Marchell sold property at 124 Sandisfield Road, Sandisfield, to Brenda L. Riiska, $119,000.

Lena Sandler Estate and Sharon Sandler-Lewis sold property at 3 Sandler Lane, Sandisfield, to Cosmo Colyer-Pfeil and Elizabeth Folan-Gilpin, $275,000.


Sabina Nominee Realty Trust and George V. Ullrich Jr., trustee, sold property at Hewins Street, Sheffield, to Joseph P. and Brenda L. Ullrich, $60,000.


Mark P. Sargent sold property at 108 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, to Gregg Wellenkamp, $750,000.


Ellen A. Bayliss and Melvin J. Krant sold property at 65 Birch Lane, Williamstown, to Trevor J. and Amanda Bayliss, $560,000.

Thomas Craig and Jennifer Rork sold property at 193 Chestnut St., Williamstown, to 193 Chestnut Street NT and James R. Parks, $1,150,000.

Diane L. Carsley sold property at 215 Stratton Road, Unit B, Williamstown, to Charles Nemser and Sharon Demyer-Nemser, $285,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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